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Very Excited

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Am bound to have put this in the wrong place but was so supprised that I just had to post it as quickly as possible.

Had an estimate of £500 plus VAT from Goodchilds for one of the repairs they did on White Lady. Just had the bill £260 plus VAT.

First time ever that something for the boat has not only come to the same as estimated but considerably less so THANK YOU GOODCHILDS keep up the good work.

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was you bouncing around after you head the bill :-D

a big Si of relief then a little grin and now thinking should we take white lady out for a trip this weekend :lol: :-D :wavecheersbar

Wicked news mate :trophy

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Obviously when you have an estimate then the bill comes in nearly double the money hurts but the fact that you feel ripped off hurts even more.

I suppose in the grand scheme of a years costs, elevated this year by a couple of GRP repairs then £250 is not a lot but when the boat maintenance account has a vaccume attached the good feeling inside that you get from something like this is worth thousands.

Goodchilds were not only less than estimated on this repair but kept to there Quotation on the other repair to sort out the stress cracking, have done a very good job, have been more than helpfull with making sure that the boat is available for working on at the weekend, leaving it on a heavy duty trolley that has been pulled in and out of the work shop, despite there being a week between them finishing the 1 repair and me giving them the go ahead for the second repair they have not charged for hard standing other than that originally factored into the initial quote and they have allowed White Lady to stay on the trolley to save having to have another crane lift onto blocks.

All in all I have been very, very impressed with Goodchilds and would have absolutley no reservations about recommending them to anybody.


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sounds good to me Ian

thats why people go back and are happy to give them there custom as they know they do a good job for the money.

bet your itching to see the lady :-D

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