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Uploading photos with Photobucket

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One of the biggest costs to the forum is storage space, and one of the biggest users of this storage are uploaded images.

Using an image hosting site for your photos is easy, quicker that uploading directly to the forum, and takes up no space therefore making the forum cheaper to run!

One I have been using of late is Photobucket http://www.photobucket.com . Opening an account is free, and uploading photos is very easy indeed, meaning you don't even have to resize your pictures for the forum. Once uploaded, you simply copy the image link from photobucket which looks like this "%7Boption%7Dhttp://i1311.photobucket.com/albums/s668/Mark-Bird/83a3bc6620c7137ca303c3a72e1cca88_zps06144f0b.jpg%7Boption%7D" and paste it into your post. Your pictures will appear in your post as normal. There is also a Photobucket app for iPads etc, making it simple to post your pictures in the same way if you do not use Tapatalk.

We would like to encourage all members to give this a go, which will help a lot to conserve valuable (and expensive!) disk space for the forum and make future forum maintenance easier.

Any problems, please ask, and I am sure we can sort them out :wave

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You'd have to ask the tech expert that John, but instead of storing the photograph on the forum server, the only thing being stored is the link you pasted, so just a few text characters. The, picture is downloaded from Photobucket every time you read the thread. The one downside is if someone deletes their picture from Photobucket, the link will no longer be able to find the picture and so the post will have a blank instead of the photo.

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