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Hi All...years since I posted.


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Hi Everyone

Don't know if anyone remembers me but I used to take part in the online quiz you did on (I think) Wednesday nights.....do you still do it?

I first posted asking for recommendations where a good pub quiz could be found

That was 3 or 4 years ago :shock: ...time flys but thought I would pay another visit to the forum as we are coming for another boating holiday next Friday (19th April) :)

There are 8 of us this time!...my wife and I ...my 2 daughters ...their 2 partners and my 2 grandkids....WHAT have I let myself in for! ;)

We are on the Fine Horizon from Acle.

There seemed to be a few more pub quizzes around this time but awkward getting one on the same night as where we happen to be.

Anyway we will be going to one in Norwich on the Sunday night and another at the White Horse Upton on Tuesday night....noticed others like The Waveney River Centre etc but again wrong days for us.

Anyway....just thought I'd say hello again...was hoping weather would have been better (couldn't afford the price later in the year) but am sure we will still have a good time.



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Hi Tom

Good to hear from you again,

Pub quizzes seem to be getting popular as Rackheath Sole and heel are having some (a bit random when though)

I know Salhouse Bell are holding a weekly quiz night

We have a new Forum going live within a week, with new chat room etc etc

So it will be good to get the good old quiz night going again.

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Hi Brian

Thanks for that will keep visiting to check out on the new forum you mention for quiz etc.

Will look up them pubs.....I have made an itinerary of where we will be each night on the hol....though as you know things can change daily....

But like you say there does seem to have been an increase in pub quizzes down your way since I last came 4 years ago.

There are literally loads up north here ...could go to a different one every night (though Fridays and Saturdays not popular quiz nights) just in the local area.

It's forecast a bit warmer but could be wet as well......bl**dy British weather :evil:


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Keep the suggestions coming everyone :grin:

Am looking for pubs on my Broads map then finding them online and seeing if they do a quiz and on which day.

However not all pubs are shown on the map etc and locals like yourselves know of the ones that us holidaymakers don't :cool:

So any pubs near or a short distance from any moorings (even a taxi ride) that do a quiz night is what I am after.

I will ring the pubs to find out if the quiz is still on and which day.

Once I have a full list I will put it on here but it will be when we get back from the hol as it's only 4 days now till we go.

Seems to be 3 or 4 pubs in Beccles where we will be on probably Monday night not found a quiz in one online so far if anyone knows of one.



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Hi Tom

Fur and Feather quiz is 1st Monday in the month, so that would be no good.

Salhouse Bell is, I believe, on Weds and they will even pick you up – phone (01603) 721141 to check.

Lion at Thurne is certainly Sunday in winter but I think, again its Wednesday in season – ring 01692 670796 to check

I’ll keep thinking!


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Well got back Friday after a fantastic week


We picked a good week for the weather...it was way better than expected we even got tans and my nose is peeling


Went to 4 quizzes :) 


Will be giving a full review (probably under a new heading as it will be a report on the week) in the next couple of weeks as am off again tomorrow for a quick 3 night stay in the midlands in the kit car ....no roof hope weather is dryish :))


Will post here when report done

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