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Stunning piece of design as always Clive.


Won't lie it's not one for me, but as most have probably gathered by now I'm a die hard fan of the canopy cruisers....having said that I might ask for a sneaky peak of the build shed when we are down in 2014.......well it would be rude not.


Stu :)

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I too was able to get onboard Commodore at the NBN Meet - which I think turned into a one boat boat show with everyone wanting to get a look on Commodore   Now If I put my 'review hat'  on I would

sorry for the delay but is is not an easy boat to make! we have made the hull and most of the internals, the superstructure should be ready by the end of the week...   you can now see the side door,

I can quote for fitting a Nanni in BA if you want to upgrade?   Upgrade?   A pair of paddles would be an upgrade from owt french     Goes off muttering     Griff

Posted Images

thats right,

also there will be an escape hatch in the front and possibly one in the rear.

the deck furniture will be inflatable so should float :lol:

Im sure the stag parties will love you for that one Clive, l can just imagine them having a race down the Ant with a settee followed by two easy chairs, and back ended by the one who drew the short straw and got the foot stool!

A dinner plate in each hand for paddles, and a whole new Broads sport has been born!

Ok, whos knicked my smilies again?..


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Hiya Clive,


Looks as though it's going to be a lovely boat. I've just had an idea, if i give you my Seamaster 27, do you and the lads think you'll be able to " adjust' it, to the same spec as your new one, shouldn't take too long.   :wave

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despite the silence there has been progress on this design, these pictures are about 6 weeks old but show the shape of the boat coming along. the Flybridge deck and aft end had no detail in the design so we are putting that together with what is in my head (worrying) I will take some more pictures and put them up in the next few days...






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Seeing as I took some photos I may as well put them up on here...

As you can see there has been a bit of jiggery pokery with the front end of a RC45 which has basically been lifted 75mm at the front and more at the back, the fwd escape hatch is being moved a bit too (which you cant see)

we have changed the upper helm position to be further fwd to the upper screens and have been experimenting with ideas for the rear steps and deck which now involves a hull mould extension to raise the transom height up to the revised deck level, more on that later.....





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Clive, I think I certainly more curvacious as the years have gone on than sleek cheers


Now as far as the boat goes with the latest photos - I have a feeling that if you were surprised at how well the centre cockpit's have been, these fly bridge models will be very much in demand.  I love the lines so far loosk forward to them appearing for hire.

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Any more news on this one - some more pictures on how things are progressing would be good! Will the flybridge be kitted out like Herbert Woods new flybridge? We were on the Bolero last year (great boat) but it could have done with a few seats on the flybridge. Le Boat had the Magnifique which had a pretty good arrangement, as has the Haines Elegance, but these may to too high for the northern broads?

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Hi Saltire,

I took some photos yesterday, I will have  a go at putting them up later.

she will have seating up top but it is hard to get legroom up there without loosing headroom in the aft cabin but we think we have cracked it (headroom problem, not head!) also to try and not make it like you are sitting on a box.

the Leboat boats are nice things but would not fit under Ludham so are not an option for us

The Haines boat is 14 feet wide and 9 feet high,  we have decided to aim for 7'6'' in height with 6' headroom in the aft cabin

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Clive, Looking good - interesting curve along the side! What about one with a blue hull, or the light green hulls that Sealine did latterly? Will the forward cabin be as the Bolero, and will access be via a ladder from the flybridge? Pretty sure this new beauty will be popular! Saltire

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That's about right,

there will be a side door behind the helm on the Port side and a door from the flybridge into the saloon.

there will also be a side access from the starboard deck to the flybridge next to the upper helm.

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Clive, just a wee thought, but if the windscreen on the flybridge is divided into 3, can the one on the saloon be divided into 3 too ( or each one 4 if that turns out better). I noted a few of the boats (even the newer ones from other yards) like to Bolero, the flybridge windscreen divided into three, and the saloon divided into four- thought it took a little away from the design. All personal preference I know, but maybe worth a thought! Saltire

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