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Trev and Bob,s boating blog in pictures

diesel falcon

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  • 2 weeks later...


hears an update to the blog, we took a few days off before the bank holiday, we left our marina on Wednesday, heading for Braydon when we saw Spirit of Braydon approaching heading for St Olaves, after about 10mins i caught something approach ing from the rear....fast,sure enough it was Spirit of Braydon,who had had a shout for a cruiser stuck on Bratdon i believe,He slowed to pass us but we waved him through, she certainly goes! I know people have differing views on the boat,but this is not a BA bashing update, please feel free to copy a picture and start a separate debate on a new thread if you wish.





We cruised upto Langley Dyke, but they were digging the ditches out,,,,,swamp gas couldn,t describe the stench!!.

we opted to spend the night at Rockland straithe and had a meal on board and a few drinks ,we were the only boat there....very peaceful and relaxing.

Thursdays update tommorow night.....

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Thrusday morning we woke to good weather, and work going on in the New Inn, think it, s open now??, we had a walk round and did what we had to to the boat,and had a relaxed day in the sun,but the wind was cool, we were joined by only 3 boats all day.



Always wondered why the out fall at the basin has a outfall to the meadows??? anyone know why?




When we had enough water it was start the engine,s and let go the rope,s and winch the anchor, we  were queite happy in the basin but when we reached the broad there was fair old wind blowing and the front cover went back on! ,Ww then motored on up the Yare to Bramerton where we were going to spend the night,

We thought about having a meal in the waters edge ,but after a phone call from Bob we decided to wait for him to come down to the boat for a cuppa on his way back from Scotland and dine on the boat ,on Sue,s famous chicken fatheaters,mmmmm.


Bob arrived and we ate the meal, then.......

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......we just had to go to the pub, and gain a lodger for the night!!.We went to the waters end? and yes the place has been done up very well, we had a few drinks in there and were looked after really well, Frank Sinartra in the background?? juries out on that one!!, then it,s back to the boat and bo bo,s!!


Our mooring at Bramerton ,next to one of the electricity posts

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You can,t beat 13v wine!!!


we woke and said goodbye for now to Bob , the plan was to meet up with Bob and jeff llater ,so we chilled out at Bramerton,for a while, 

we then set off down the river, but not for long.......

we didn,t make it past Sonia,s! we moored up and booked a table and two moorings for the other two boar,s.

A good meal and drinks and we were ready for bed.

Next morning after a splash of diesel at Brooms and a parts pickup at brian wards we headed down the river the wind was picking up all the time and by the time we reached Hardly mill it was blowing a f6 ..........


I am sorry for the poor quality but i was driving and it was the first time i ,d used the video funtion on the camara.

we ended the day at Loddon after a slow crawl down the Chet, there wasn,t much water and we came across a sealine 44?? who had just removed a tyre from his props!! .

Images from Loddon in the next report

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We woke sunday after a night out in Lodden , where we found that our regular watering hole there was for sale ,by the Brewery,the Swan ,hope it stays as a pub :cry

Soon it was time to let go and head up the Chet ,a better run this time , we were soon at Reedham and gliding though the village on tickover at about 5.5 mph with the tide and the bridge open, on entering the approach to the bridge and quo vadis behind i really couldn,t believe it but the bridge started closing, no time to stop in that tide so tried to move to the left but the gap was closing too fast ,ping ping ping went the vhf ariel , and afterwards quo,s ariel suffered the same fate.....not bloody amused !!!!

Anyway were soon down the New cut and to the next bridge....there was 9ft 6 so vhf stick down and slip under, while waiting for quo shot this pic of the old pumphouse, should these be saved ,or has all the machinery been removed??




Onward then to Oulton ,the weather very sunny but breezy, very pretty on the approach to the broad.....





we motored to the Yatch station and got nicely settled on the wall, as they were pretty full the staff as helpfull as ever.....more later

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