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Please lets hear your input with the new site

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THe new site has launched.

Using new Software that we have purchased.


This is a thread for your input and views.


Using IP Board we have 1000s of add on Apps that can change this forum to make it easier to use.

Let us know what you Like and Don't like so we can make it best for all our members.


The new Chat Room is in Progress, once fully installed  so we can have LIVE Quiz events for all members.


So to end, if you have any ideas, input , gripes.

Please Post here







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"View New Content" seems to get you to the updated threads easily, but is there any easy way of getting to the unread posts on the thread without scrolling through the existing posts?


I am thinking of the problem of viewing things like Clive's RC45 thread that went to over 75 pages ....

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Changes can be disconcerting, but now that I've found my way to the "past 24 hours" discussions page as my primary bookmark again, everything has slipped back into place.


Lots of new useful features.


Once it becomes familiar, the previous one will seem very restricted.

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Not very important but profile background customisation doesn't seem to work on my account. Otherwise everything seems great, i especially like being able to view forumites photos full screen and being able to flick between pics. On the old format i had to click, close, open next, repeat.

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Can't help wondering why it says Warning Posts 0 under my avatar, and doesn't seem to appear on anyone else's. Is this good or bad I ask myself? Zero sounds good, has everyone else been bad?


Warning points are just a feature of the site, and one I don't suppose will ever be used. Moderators can see the warning points under everyone's posts, but from previous comments it sounds like members can only ever see their own points to avoid everyone else knowing if someone has been a naughty chap. I guess it is to provide an aide-memoire for moderators if the forum is operating a "3 strikes and you're out" type of policy. Bear in mind that this forum software is used by a large range of forums and therefore has a lot of features that aren't necessarily specific to the NBN.

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I guess it will take us all some time to work out where things are and what the extra features do, but so far a good job.

In the change over/update there seems to be a few posts appearing as current topics even though they have earlier dates in April.

The Calandar doen't work for me, it just shows no new content?



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Calender tab doesn't work for me either  :norty:

As for the rest... it looks cleaner without all those colours though.

Am finding it a lot of trouble trying to negotiate the site but maybe 

it'll become easier with time. (Doesn't take much to confuse me

these days  :cry )

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I tried to send a PM to Jonny today (click on user, click on send message etc)

but got an error saying that he couldnt get any new messages...


He recons that his mailbox is empty so there could be something else wrong in the system somewhere.



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Mailbox quotas are set to sensible levels, so that shouldn't be an issue. Can you and Jonny confirm that your mailboxes are not full?




err How do I do that on the new system? (I am sure that I am not the only one not to know how to see the mailbox level)

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hi martin


to see your mail box level .........


click the envelope mail box icon


then at the top of the box it will say........ "view all messages "


.... click that then on the left


you will see the number of messages next to...... "my conversations"

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Do I have to have to be the only one with a section for Warning Points under their Avatar?   


I would assume that it only appears that way because any "offenders" scores would only be visible to them, if the facility was ever used on here....

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hi hylander


if we were to give  warning points for being naughty, it wouldent be fair if they


couldent see them.


at least if  it can be seen by the person who gets them then they have a chance to


comment to the mods if necessary.



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