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jills resto golden light 3


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hi peeps

well weather and craftsman have come together at the same time and work is underway again

today sam started work on my boat

sam is one of the best wooden boat craftsmen i have come across and hes fast

so far.........

he removed 8ft of planking ( the top plank directly under the deck on the port side ) and painted all

visible ribs and plank edges in the gap with aliminium primer.

the amount of rot was small but to retain the strength we agreed to remove an 8ft length.

he collected and cut the new plank to shape and painted it with aliminuim primer ready to replace


the work was carried out from the painting platform to the delight of passers by




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sam brought down another chap marcus to do the prep for painting today.

they were on the job so fast and the plank is in and sam has started removing the front of the forward

cabin, as the bottom edge is starting to rot and that will be the major wood work done when that is



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hi dave

thanks that would be brill

the naming is a problem i have been struggling with for a while

renaming her with her original name ? golden light 111 or 3

original style of lettering ? ( herbert woods circa mid 60s )

dose the lettering go under the varnish ?

any sugestions gratefully received



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hi peeps

today has consisted of more sanding and work on the front cabin

collecting the paint and varnish from brewers

i was also vissited by the owner of silver light, a realy nice chap who had spotted work in progress

and came round to say hello so i recomended he had a look at the forum



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hi Jill, it will stick to any smooth surface, you can varnish over it if you like but not sure whether it would react to the solvent in the varnish, usually it is stuck on top, have a look in your word processing software and see if you can find the font that is the same or similar or a shortlist of font styles and let me know what it is and I can make you a few mini versions in different colours etc so you can try them before we make the final ones,

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hi jimbo

i cant praise sam and marcus enough, they work hard fast and efficiently

i was just so lucky they were available and willing at the right time

sam is an old hand with boats but marcus has never worked on a boat before and is loving it

jill :dance

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the lads had to make it a short day today

sam has been cleaning up the sika on the front pannel, filling the screw holes, making the corner stips

up and staining with sadolin etc

marcus has been doing more prep work on the port side


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