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Short visit tolls


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Good evening all. New member here (be gentle...) and unfortunately, my first post is also a question....
Our boat is moored on the coast but we plan to enter the Broads via Mutford Lock, head to Beccles to pick up some friends and then back out through the lock. We don't intend to be on the Broads for any more than about 4 hours (although we do love spending lazy days bumbling along and spent a good part of last year there !!)
My question is, with the Broads Short Visit toll being based from 1-7 days, do the Broads Authority really expect us to pay nearly £50 for around 4 hours of Broads use ?? Would a passage toll not be more appropriate for this sort of journey ??
Thanks for any advice you may be able to give us - we've been staring at the Schedule of tolls page on the Broads Authority site and we've come away none the wiser !!
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Thanks for your reply Matt. Yes, a minor technicality that Beccles is on a dead end part of the broads and we have to back track  :roll:

I was hoping that maybe "from a starting point outside the navigation area to a finishing point also outside the navigation area. The journey must be completed within a single day" might cover us. Maybe if we headed back out through Yarmouth then it wouldn't be classed as 'one way'........ Seems silly to add an extra few hours to the trip when the payment to pass through Mutford lock covers us return...


We wouldn't mind so much if the toll covered us for 7 non-consecutive days - we were planning hitting the Broads a few times this summer (less than the 28 required for a full toll to be paid though) but if they do charge the full price for  just a few hours passage then just a 'few days' will end up costing more than the annual toll !!!

We did have a full toll on the boat last year as we spent more than 28 days on the Broads, and I had no problem paying that - I just feel that (if this is the case) nearly £50 for a four hour passage is daylight robbery !!! 


I'll give them a bell tomorrow. I'm hoping they can apply a little common sense to those that are only 'popping by...'

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