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110ah Leisure Batteries

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We've got limited stocks of 110ah leisure batteriers available right now.


3 year warranty

Flooded Wet Cell.

Standard size.

Lion Brand.


£85 each or £160 for two.




We've been using these in fleet for about nine months and have been impressed with them.



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Do you mean these, please, Andy:


Marine Dual Purpose Batteries (Starting and Deep Cycling)


The SMFDCM range of Deep Cycle Dual Purpose batteries are Sealed Maintenance Free Calcium/Calcium design (no need to add water) with inbuilt ceramic disc flame arrestors to protect against accidental battery explosion from an external spark. The Patented liquid gas separator enhances the Maintenance Free characteristics of the battery while the patented Hot Melt adhesive provides excellent anti-vibration protection in demanding applications.

The SMFDCM range of Lion Dual Purpose (Starting and Deep cycle) Marine batteries provide solutions for Marine users who are seeking extended hours of cycling and strong starting , through a larger capacity (AH) and higher cranking (CCA) battery.

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The site that you got that description from is an Aussie company with the same name as these batteries. I do not believe that these are the same units. Like many battery suppliers, (including Multicell that most people will know and use) these are likely to be generic batteries made for the OEM market. This particular brand is from a national motor parts factors chain.


What we're using are not sealed batteries as per your description. These have openable cell tops and can be topped up with distilled water as necessary. We prefer these to sealed ones as you can't do simple tests on sealed batteries to establish the condition of individual cells and fail to see the overall advantage of a sealed battery once to take away the relative ease of use and reduction of escaping gas whilst charging. If you can test the electrolyte's specific gravity in addition to the battery's voltage output, you can get a better idea of it's condition.



Someone will probably shoot me down on a tecnicality here, but the principal difference between Cranking (starting) batteries and Deep Cycle (leisure) batteries is as follows.



Cranking batteries have more plates within them which are necessarily thinner so that they will fit in the space. This provides a greater surface area for the electrons to populate and hence can produce more power in bursts for starting.


Deep Cycle (lesiure) batteries have fewer plates but they're thicker.


The plates in a battery are put under stress and heat up when discharging and the longer the discharge takes, the more stress. Therefore a thinner plate will warp more readily than a thicker one. With thinner plates in a cranking bettery, it is very bad for them to be used in slower discharge processes such as powering the domestic systems on a pleasure boat and they can be ruined with remarkable speed if misused.


As the plates in a Deep Cycle battery are thicker, the warping is significantly reduced and so slower and more discharge cycles are achieved.


A dual purpose battery is a compromise between the two technologies with thicker and thinner plates within.



Whilst it is preferable to have a cranking battery for the engine and deep cycles batteries for the systems, dual purpose batteries can fill the gap and be used for both; think of a jack of all trades.


It's far more acceptable to use a Deep Cycle battery for cranking than a cranking battery for deep cycling; though not ideal, but then the compromise of a Dual Purpose isn't ideal either.


In fleet, we have a mixture of deep cycle and dual purpose batteries and interchange them freely so long as banked batteries are matched as well as possible. As batteries end thier lives, we are replacing with these leisure batteries.

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