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oulton broads pontoon


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:wave hi all, i was watching the races at oulton today & noticed some extra pontoon sticking out, does anybody know what thats all about ? is it to keep the speedboats away from all the other boats or it for when the yacht station gets busy ? lori   :Stinky

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Come on then how did you do it please.     It used to be quite straight forward.   Thank you.






It's not a straightforward answer I'm afraid.


I now upload my images to the web independently from this forum, and then link to them as an "HTTP" address.

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I didn't explain (or use) the simple method, because I thought there had been a request on here for people to not upload image files to the forum itself, to save storage space.


My reply must have looked rather unhelpful, and unnecessarily complicated.


I'm sorry, I didn't intend to make it look more complex than it could be.     :roll:

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You are right Strowy, that we would prefer people to use external image hosting in order to keep disk usage down, which is why I put the "how to" post about uploading with Photobucket in the pictures section of the forum. If people are unable or unwilling to do it that way though, of course they are still welcome to use the normal upload method within the forum.

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With regard the OP, I think those pontoons are floating ones that get towed out for various events. I've seen them used at things like the dragon boat racing. They are gone today so I assume you are right Lori, and they were for safety reasons.

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Not at all, it was very handy - You're quite right that it's preferred if people link to external pictures, but as Mark says we do understand that some aren't too sure how to do that and we don't want people to feel that they can't post pictures.

We have to strike a balance between making the forum great for people to use, while keeping a handle on our running costs.

Sorry to keep the thread drifting but I have uploaded some photos today vis Tapatalk. Should I be using the option of Tapatalk hosting them rather than the forum option?


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