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If I'm correct the fishing season starts in 2 weeks from Saturday. 15th june.

I've got all my gear ready in advance and spent a few quid updating the tackle box for some predator fishing this season. I usually just fish with a basic set-up (hook and ledger or an old nut) but this year I'll be on the wire traces and lures.

I took the canoe up to my favourite fishing spot to see how it's changed and was annoyed to find a tree has fallen into the river which means I wont be able to get my boat there.

My question is, as it's not part of the main navigation, does anyone think the ba would mind if I sawed the tree branches off to re-open the route to my favourite spot.

It's not a large tree so would probably take an hour or so to clear.

 Hopefully we'll have a good season this year :pirate  Branden

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I would hope they would be glad of you doing it rather than them having to do it.  Besides who's going to know?  -  Apart from us? :naughty:

Very true. I'll head down when there's a sunny day and get it cleared two guns

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Just make sure Brandon that you do not leave large branches etc loose in the water,hate for them to float away and damage someones boat.


Try to put them on land somewhere just to be safe

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Hi Waanty :wave . I cleared the branches at the weekend and put them in a pile in the neighbouring woodland. It took a lot longer than expected ( Turns out it's pretty hard to get a good sawing motion when in a canoe/kyak).

I know all too well about wood floating in the broads as i almost fell in a few weeks ago when dad hit full throttle and turned sharp to miss a mooring post which was floating along, surprisingly well camouflaged.

I imagine the boat would of been fine if we'd hit it head on but the outboard would of been toast. Tried to pull it out of the water but it weighed too much to lift with a single arm and theres no way i was going the both arms body half overboard technique :naughty: .

As you're the most experienced angler on this forum, i have a question regarding pike landing you may be able to help with. If not you anyone who could help.

I've got a large landing net I've used on pike before but I'd prefer to land them by hand. I know the proper technique in written form and from watching videos but have yet to attempt it as the general sense from online advice is if your not experienced in doing it, don't. But by that logic you can never learn. Do you have any tips yourself on landing pike by hand? Thanks in advance Branden :pirate 


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