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Email Phishing attack imitating Ebay


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I pondered over putting this in Broads Related Chat or Technical Questions, but thought it would be seen by more people here.

I guess we've all had "Phishing" emails from hackers imitating our Banks and Building Societies, but I've just had one for the first time pretending to be Ebay.

I always process my incoming mail through a program called "Mailwasher" which strips out the images and HTML and shows the raw text behind the message, and also shows the real location that it was sent from.

This is what it revealed:
"[image "ebay.com.au" ignored] ebay.co.uk Secure Messaging Center

You have (1) new message.

Click here to login and read your security message. [links to www.******.net/images/ebuk.html]

Copyright © 1995-2013 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.
Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of the eBay "

If viewed in normal email software it would have undoubtedly looked completely genuine, and would then have led into a dialogue to get me to enter my Ebay user name and password.

I've replaced the original link with asterisks to avoid anyone on here clicking on it inadvertently !

When you do a Google search of the domain name though, it shows that it is well used for Phishing attacks.


As has often been said on here, never click a link from an unsolicited email purporting to come from any business that you have dealings with.

Instead, always visit that site by your bookmarks in your browser, then you know you are not being lured into a "Phishing" Site that will capture your passwords and IDs.

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Have you made Ebay aware of this at all?




Yes indeed, though as with most banks etc., the auto email response is always somewhat discouraging.


I guess they are all continually deluged with such reports !

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hi strowager


we usually post this sort of thing in the lounge


ive had a few of these from time to time


they all just go in the junk un opened




Ok Jill, I'll remember that category if it ever comes up again.


I help a few neighbours in the "silver surfer" category with any security and connection problems, and two have recently been taken in by this sort of thing. They appear to be getting much more prevalent and convincing to non-geek users.

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...and also, if you "float" the mouse over the hyperlink (being careful to not click on it), you will see the address is "goldenforest" in Poland.

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I used to get a lot of this from ebay and paypal,  now I dont ever open mail from websites, I login to the site and see if i have a message there.  Also as much as it annoys my mother I never click the links the are sent with the you have a E-card msg.

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They are always trying and as has been mentioned here before, just roll your mouse over the so called link and look at the URL which will just be obvious as a scam.


We had a viral attack on Tuesday which AVG quarantined but I had to use Malwear Bytes to get rid of.  That threat locked up the PC saying I had to get a Ukash account and then send the money to the Met/EU web Police..............................Righto LOL    

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Funny how they so often contain bad grammar too !   :grin:

True, though unfortunately due to a lack of teaching rigour in recent decades there is now a body of genuine employees throughout industry and the media who cannot spell and have little understanding of grammar. Even so bad spelling and grammar can be a useful give-away.


My apologies if I've offended any teachers on the Forum but that opinion has been formed from my own observations over recent years.

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.... there is now a body of genuine employees throughout industry and the media who cannot spell and have little understanding of grammar......


Yes, a very sad decline MJT.


I learnt my English at a lowly Secondary Modern School, back in the 60's.


In later life before retirement I was increasingly outnumbered by Graduates, who made the most amazing Grammatical errors in important correspondence and on high profile websites....   :)

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