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Fishing on the Northern side

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We are due to be afloat at the end of September and as usual I hope to do plenty of fishing throughout the week. Wondered if anyone had any favourite spots where there is always  plenty to be  caught ( I will have a novice with me and want to keep them interested).  We will be on Bolero so have to take in to account that we will not be able to get through Wroxham, Potter or Wayford bridges

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I always watch threads like this very closely, in case I can find out about any good spots I didn't know about !


Alas, most eAnglers tend to keep the good spots secret, in case they then get thrashed by everyone reading the same forum...   :)


You'd probably get more replies if you asked which spots were useless, so you could avoid those.

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Seeing as you`re on the Northern rivers, stay there as (i may be wrong?) i`ve always had my best catches there. The Ant is well known for Bream, while the Thurne and Bure are good for general sport. As for favourite fish?, the only 3 i`m not interrested in are Pike, Eel, and Zander, though i don`t think Zanders have got on the Broads yet, but apparently, they`re widespread on the fens and canal networks. We`re on the boat in a week, and i`l be bringing my fishing gear, so i hope the weather bucks up a lot.


Regards to all .......................... Neil.

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I don't think there is much chance of a blank nowadays. I have found that as long as you are fishing on the bottom then you are pretty well guaranteed to catch something, even if its only a few Ruff. One of the best places on the northern side that I have fished is off the bow of the boat when moored stern on at Ranworth Staithe. Once dusk arrives, the bream often appear. I have caught some quite sizeable fish with just a 4m whip off the front like this. The only places I never seemed to catch much were the broads (Wroxham, Salhouse, South Walsham) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

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