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norfolk broads 1971


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....., but did anybody els spot the major mistake?. I`l give it a couple of days, then i`l spill the beans. Dan might have noticed it?. Any takers?.


Yes, surprising that they didn't edit it out, a "major mistake", as you say Neil.


At 3:36 the Narrator says  "200 miles of cruising waterway"....     :norty:



Yes, a very interesting film Jill, brings back memories for me too, from the same period, thanks for posting the link.  I'd like to have watched the HD version, but my authentic Broads Broadband speed even buffers the low bandwidth version !

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Hire boats don't usually fly the red rag do they? Or have things changed over the years? T'was a different boat that actually went under Potter Bridge as well I think!


Another observation is that this was likely the days of Watneys Red Barrel and Norwich Bitter so to say "First class beer" is nothing short of an outright fib!



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The one thing that I noticed is that the boat " Santa Caterina" according to my memory was based at Harvey Eastwood at Brundall. The family going on board look like they are doing so at Loddon at what I think was the Aston Boats yard. 



Absolutely spot on Jeff, it was indeed one of Harvey Eastwoods boats being taken from Aston Boats Loddon.


Dan, ....... I would have thought you of all people would have got that one?>

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yep great find ,love the film one of my fav the ole christina loved them to bit s good ole man eastwood design


rachet roof wide rear deck nice little olegalley and engine choice of ole thoney 160 or great ole huge perkins 4236 or bmc 22/2.5 ..............


a great boat to work on for me and nice and strong but those blasted wires could be feed some place silly ....


love the slip at malthouse easy acces to drive in t broad in a mini  when frosen ...!!!!!


was that one of the posh side family day boat i see with its posh royall flag.....?????


nice one .................

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A really interesting film very nostalgic. I had to call my wife in to see it, When it was showing London St in Norwich, she was employed at Bullens the Jewellers shortly after the film was made, there was a lovely shot of the shop.


Things have changed somewhat but many identifiable places on the Broads, and around it. Almost made me feel young again..............Almost !!!


Thanks Jill for posting it.




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