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tide computer


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Ditto, Alan! I've googled it but nothing useful came up.... pity, cos it gives you everywhere else on the Broads as well! Do you know where you can get them, please, Jill?


We have a "Tide Clock" which, apart from time, also shows the High & Low water at Gt Yarmouth (when I set it so) and I just dial that into the computer.

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Yes, a very ingenious device from Claude, so easy to use, and so simple.


Invented back in the days before computers, but still not bettered.


Now unobtainable though, unfortunately.


The publishing rights sold off and now discontinued, like his very detailed Broads guides.


I have a large wall mounted version in my cabin, and always keep it "set" when on the boat.  :)









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I know it's late but I forgot this the last time we went down

Along with the Tide Calculator was the Slack water timer.

(I tried to add this with Chrome but it just kept shutting down each time!

Now doing it with IE which works but won't let me add emoticons!!

Whats up doc?


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Here's what is printed on the back.

It's worth noting that it does say "Times are calculated at average speeds for motor cruisers", rather than calculating any speed limits.

It's a simple rough guide, but it needs a bit of recalibrating now though for people who don't want to break the law !

Looking at the predictions:

Acle is shown as 1 hour 45 minutes to Yarmouth, which is a distance of 11 miles, an average of 6.3 mph.

Horning is shown as 3 hours 15 minutes to Yarmouth, which is a distance of 21 miles, an average of 6.5 mph.

Stalham is shown as 4 hours, which is a distance of 23.5 miles to Yarmouth, an average of 5.9 mph.

( a third of that is via the Ant however, with a blanket speed limit of 4 mph.)


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