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Broad Ambition & The Corsican - Go To Sea - The Film

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Earlier in July Broad Ambition and The Corsican - two very different boats but with two things in common: Both ex-hire boats on the Norfolk Broads and both not being thought of as ‘sea going boats’ headed off to Haven Marina in Ipswich to attend the 10th Anniversary and Personality Awards for Anglia Afloat magazine.

You can see the  photographs (here) and (here) of the boats at sea and in the Marina looking splendid.

Now join their adventure in a film taking us through the night and as dawn broke over the sea, then on past Felixstowe and up the River Orwell – and finally their return where the swell had got up a little and they had some small waves to play with.


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I think I would have to be on the boat with the John Bennett hull, it is still a good design, less likely to spring a plank!!

mind you at the speed I guess the transit may have taken a little longer than my attention span and I probably would be asleep if I were not ill.

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I have pictures of Superior gem 5 out in pretty rough conditions, she had a much bigger engine in those days..

the Aqua 38 and 42 are basically the same hull as our old Horizon 43...

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No, it was  a new boat literally on 'Sea trials' !

I have a friend who was taking a DC30 to Norwich letting her boyfriend drive, I got a call asking directions, they had passed all the big boats and could see a lighthouse.

I said they had better turn round!

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Pleased peopled liked watching it.  As you can see, it was calm and the slight swell on the return trip did not last too long – the most hairy part was crossing a large wash from a passing ‘gin palace’ as we left Felixstowe.  While we all held on we forgot about the drinks... much mopping up was needed.


The Aquafibre hull always had looked to me very ‘masculine’ as if a bit too much for simple sedate river work, and this footage proved to show what it can do.  Far less spray made it on the decks because it flung it off to the sides, whereas Broad Ambition would let it ride up and once the breeze got it would then come onto the forward cabin windows and roof.


What I learnt was even in slight swell in small boats one moment you are on the correct heading, the bow gets picked up by a wave and by the time the boat has gone through it you have suddenly got to correct back 10 degrees to stay on course.  That was a little wearing keeping an eye on the bearing, looking out for lobster pots and keeping the steering on course.


My favourite part was leaving Yarmouth - having   been stood up on the bow as look out and damp and chilly with moisture from the fog which we had to deal with all the way from the River Ant – it was clear, the air was mild and I could sit at the helm and steer the boat as dawn broke.

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