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Four new links in the Visiting The Broads Forum


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Now if some very clever person can link those levels to feet under the bridges that would be immensely useful!  


I posted my ramblings about it on here about a year ago, but it didn't seem to be of any interest....  :)



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I can't see the post you've linked to, Strowager.. Could you point me in the right direction?





It was a link to an image file John.


It should be visible again now.


I was just checking to see how much interest there was in it this time....   :)

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hi all there is also 2 more cameras as well, there is one at waveney river centre, but don't go on if you don't like spiders lol, as they look bigger than they are lol, there is also one at freedom , or at least they are putting it on their website, but it's in kingfishers yard, but it's not very good, all you can see is a fewboats & the ground, lori :D

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You wouldn't happen to know if they have a publically-accessible API would you?


I made enquiries a couple of years ago, and although all of the gauges are connected to the web, there was no interest in making them accessible to the Public other than via their own website.   :???:

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That's a pest.

How many other gauges are there on the broads? How many others are needed for working out bridge clearances at other places?


The critical ones are:


The Hoveton Broad gauge is the nearest one for Wroxham Bridge:




Ludham Bridge is equidistant between Ranworth and Barton Broad gauges:






Three Mile House is the nearest the Yarmouth Bridges:




The complete Broadland gauge map is at:



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