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mooring at Beccles


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Hi there everyone, Does anybody know if there are any free  'short stay' moorings in beccles apart from the yacht station? I thought

id read somewhere you could moor at the  lido just past the old road bridge,       Were coming to the broads for two weeks  in the autumn

& am hoping to call in there on route to Geldeston, but don't fancy paying the £7.50 at the yacht station for just  a couple of hours while we get shopping!

  I know there were once B.A. moorings just before the new road bridge but think theyre now for taller boats that can't get under the bridge!

We actually moored there last year in October as we saw the 'BA mooring' sign without realising we'd made a mistake, & whilst we

were getting our shopping had a phone call from our boatyard saying someone had complained  & we were moored where we shouldn't, so we rushed back, there wasn't anyone else there, but we  noticed there was a smallish sign on the top of the usual 'free BA 24 hour moorings etc... saying it was for large boats that cant  get under the bridge..... Don't want to make that mistake again!!

Many thanks, Carole

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Carole, Hi


You can moor on the floating pontoon at the lido but I think you're supposed to pay at the Lido.


I've just now called the Harbour master (Tim) at Beccles YS (01502 712225)and he says that so long as you're just going to Morrisons or Tescos and won't be much longer than an hour it will be free!

Also just to drop in his office and let him know that you're just going shopping.

If you stay for a few hours then it's £4.10 a go.


We do try to be helpful! :wave

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I am afraid I missed that one but would like to think that we on the NBN are bigger than that.

Lets face it we all tend to visit all the other forums at some time or other.

I came onto this forum last year after the NBF was down with repairs and have posted here ever since, the natives are friendly as already stated and there is far less bickering yet still most of the Broads news.

Sorry to go off topic.



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 Hi there, thanks for checking with the yacht station, I guess if we miss the tide & cant get under the bridge we'll have to use the yacht station, I don't mind paying the £4.10 though if were going to have a look around the town.


We'll still try the lido though...  I too didn't see the 'advertising' in the photo, until someone pointed it out!!! 


Must admit I look at any broads website or forum that feeds my 'broads bug' too!!!



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Sorry for the tease but well spotted some of you, although no one noticed the flag!


Moored at the yacht station this year . Even Silver Symphony was on the cusp of not getting through the bridge so we did  not chance it. The lido moorings are a delight though. Here are the steps leading down from  the town.  post-71-0-47421100-1375737453_thumb.jpg




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