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Hi, a refugee from the NBF!


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Hello everybody, this is my first post on this forum and I have noticed a few from the other side as it were. :wave   I am on Moonlight Shadow from this Saturday, based at Brundall and we'll remain south during this trip and if we have guests have a quick trip around Breydon, amongst other places.


I notice Baz that you are a fortnight older than me, happy brithday.


I notice it is a different setup on this site compared compared to the NBF, as regarding computers. :shocked  So hopefully I don't mess this post up.  As I type I notice that the NBF is still down, shame, hope Richard can get it sorted and I wish him well in his efforts.

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Hi Keith, Maurice_Mynah here, This forum wouldn't accept my normal screen name to I've had to use an old nickname.

Hope you have a great time, sadly I'm unlikely to get up there within the fortnight so have a boat coffee for me! 


Edited to add... JTF stands for "John the Fish" ... don't ask :)

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Hi there, im also from the NBF, under the name of cas, I find it easier to use this website & everyones very friendly here too, & lots of good information. Also my pc wont let me post on NBF but this one will, & also I can read posts on here using my phone too....  Good to see lots of familiar names on here too!! 

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Hi John & Mary-Jane,

Without wishing to derail Keith's thread, I used to drink in a pup where there were rather a lot of regulars with the same names. Several Johns, quite a few Andys and more Pauls than you could poke a stick at. 

Very quickly the rather welsh habit of adding something relevant to the name developed. 'Andy the gas' was a gas fitter and M.E Paul suffered from M.E.

I used to arrange fishing trips and do a lot of fishing generally and thus became "John the fish" that got shortened to Fish by some, and JTF by others.

There was one exception to this system. There was a chap called Albert. It was uncanny but if anyone in the pub mentioned his name, he would arrive within a few minutes. After a while he became known as Jane Fonda by a few optimists. That became shortened to Jane. I don't think he ever knew why he became known as Jane, but it didn't seem to worry him!

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Hi everyone,


Thank you all for really pleasant greeting, this site does have a really nice ambience to it, I could Judge that by just reading some of the posts before joining up.  There doesn't seem to be any angst out there.


Dave we'll doing the usual suspects I dare say, in no particular order, Geldeston, Beccles, WRC, Oulton Broad and where ever the fancy takes us.  That reminds me I must print off a tide table.


And JTF, couldn't you drink out of a glass like everyone else! :mouse: The imagery that conjures up, well, what can I say.


Again though thanks again for the warm greetings.

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