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Faircraft Loynes


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Dan it was me, I am going on a conversation we had when we where down there Easter, one of the Lads in the yard spoke to my other half and said that the new owner had taken over and wasnt willing to put money up to make the service they provide any better, they said they could see him running it to the ground to sell in a few years ! He has only bought it for an investment! How true this is I dont know but we had this conversation with one of the lads who has worked there for a number of years , with this in mind we decided to hire from smaller boat yards next time we are up that neck of the woods( Summercraft) Hope this helps aand someone can come up with the answers.

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Hi Folks

Yes, I seem to remember that when Len Fuinnell sold Faircraft And HW etc they were bought by one of the high up perople working for them, was it the funding manager or similar?

I'm hoping if they have changed hands just now that they continue to invest in new craft, as they have long been a company with a young hirefleet and seem to have survived quite well on that basis.


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Hi Dan/Jonzo

Hope this might help.


Name & Registered Office:






NR12 8RX

Company No. 00923416

Status: Active

Date of Incorporation: 22/11/1967

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Company Type: Private Limited Company

Nature of Business (SIC(03)):

3512 - Build & repair pleasure & sport boats

6120 - Inland water transport

9272 - Other recreational activities

Accounting Reference Date: 31/03

Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2007 (FULL)

Next Accounts Due: 31/01/2009

Last Return Made Up To: 22/09/2007

Next Return Due: 20/10/2008

Last Members List: 22/09/2006

Previous Names:

Date of change Previous Name






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Dan that is the lines the Yard man was talking about, whoever it is did not want to invest in the boats, and he was showing a concern over this as the yard is only as good as the boats etc !! or is that the other way around ? Paul I think was the name of the previous owner, he was the one who worked there and bought into it... enough I am going to make some enquiries of my own ... back later !

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The mystery deepens, paul is still the MD there and has been since 2003, somebody in the office ( no names will be given) has told me as far as she knows he is still the MD, so now it makes me wonder what the man we where talking to is reffering to !!? I will investigate further, but knowbody has any thing to worry about it isnt closing down !!

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I do wonder if the reference is to the current owner, in it for the short term, he wants boats back out as quickly as possible and plans to have a quick turnaround, he plans to sell eventually when he has enough money and go abroad !! (so I have been told) Not like the previuos owner who loved his boats and wanted people to return back there for the good service they received at the yard!! It makes sense to me that is what he was reffering to, I am going now before i dig a bigger hole !!

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Ello again

Well that does seem to make sense as what they were meaning, though I think the last owner Len Funnell was very much a businessman so I'm sure the profit sheets were high on his list too, but maybe the owners rubbed that yard guy up the wrong way, at the minute at least.

I rather like how they steadily build a handful of new boats each year, and whilst Herbert Woods seem to be a bit of a variable standard in my mind, rather than all be maintained to a consistent/always decent level it is good to see that the group often buys other craft to keep the fleet fresh and the average age of boat staying ok. I was wondering if they had bought the Aston Fleet as recently its only been this group that seem to bulk buy/buy an entire fleet thats closing?


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Usually Potter seem to get the older boats, mind you I cant see them buying Astons fleet, can you ? Is this the 1st time you have used faircraft ?

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Yeah I can to be honest - Aston Sierra is like Sparkling Light which only joined them for last season & always seems to be booked, Aston Sunrise is like Florida Light which seem to book well, Aston Arran would fit fine, their four or five 35-38ft Aquafibre centre cockpits & the 32ft dual steer is also going to fit into their mass of mid price, mid standard 4-6berths at Herbert Woods, but yes, not at Faircraft as they always have the boats from new.

It will be my first hiring with them, and I chose them as I wanted a big (11 berth!) of good standard & they seemed to fit the bill with a layout that was quite suitable.

All the best


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  • 2 months later...

Well for the first time I have cancelled a holiday. Now there's only eight of us going I decided Richardsons Broads Serenade was better value and, most importantly the perfect layout for us with four double cabins.

I lost the £15 early deposit and feel a little bad for changing my mind but am looking forward to it! Only 7 months to go! :( .


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