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Hi ! permission to come aboard ?


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Hello John,

Yes we are still learning and still finding new places to go to on the Broads.

Plenty of pubs have changed hands over the last couple of years and the standard of the operation on these pubs has certainly got beter. The meals on offer on the Southern Broads is second to none.



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Thanks guys, ....   still learning is my excuse and I'm sticking to it :grin: 


I believe you MM, ...  I'll try and be nice about the BA on here  :wub:



1950s Thunderbirds Admiral !  when they were properly sporty bikes, ..  mine is a 2011 1700cc twin cruiser style, .. does stand out a bit as we had painted metallic purple and gold, it's not called the Ziggy the Disco Bike for nothing.   :P

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Hello John,

When you add a message to a blog where you want to add a picture. Pick the option for More Reply Options next to the post button.

This opens another window which offers a browse option on your computer

Move the curser down the page however or it will put your picture into the text.

Click on the Browse tab.

Once it has put your picture in the attached files window and shows the path.

Click the attach this file button

It will show a thumbnail in a window, with the option to add to Post or delete.

Click on Add to Post.


This shows the attachment and the file name, in this case DSC_0109.jpg

Try it out and see how you get on.

The last option is click the Add Reply button



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Thank you Alan, very much appreciated.  


There aren't many metallic purple, orange and gold triumph Thunderbirds knocking about so it can attract a bit of attention :shocked  The paint was expertly applied by Ty Lawer of Pageant Paint at Snetterton, I'm to blame for the rest of it. There is very little that is standard but the idea was to have a custom bike that looks as though it could have come from the factory that way.















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