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Origo 1500 hob

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I know you've specifically asked for the Origo single burner stove, but just in case you have room for the double, Compass24 do an identical model to the Origo twin, for less than the cost of the Origo single.


They sell them for £99, and I've seen one that a friend bought a couple of weeks ago, and it seems to be identical to the Origo in quality. All stainless steel, and with exactly the same safety burner units.


I owned an Origo single burner myself, so I can confidently say it's just as good, and half the price (of their double).



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True, but Caperora says he wants the single - not enough room for a double.


Yes, understood Bob.


But I got the impression that Caperora was asking if anyone new of any available for cheaper than Origo's list price.


Even Compass normally sell them for £129.99, and sometimes offer free postage.



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Thanks keeping an eye on ebay, but with what they seem to go for plus postage might just as well buy new


On the other hand, unlike gas or primus stoves, there's hardly any mechanism in them, so practically nothing to go wrong, and nothing to rust, as they're all stainless steel.


Even the usual secondhand max of £80, plus £12 postage is £92, against around £130 plus postage for a new one.


I must be an incurable skinflint, a fifty quid saving is a lot of money to me !  :naughty:



(It does make those Compass24 twin burner clones even better value though, £99, brand new. I wonder if it's possible to do a bit of metalworking on one and also have a free spare burner unit to boot... )

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Gary01 spotted that one when it first appeared on Ebay last week in his post earlier on this thread...   :naughty:

Well dang my breeches. my most humble apologies. I was away the day they handed out grey matter and had to sweep up what was left when the big fella went bo bo's. There's me digging me elbow in to the old girls ribs saying " Look I might be able to help fellow earthling" and you've shot me all a pieces. Anyhoo good luck and hope you find one, sorry Strowy. Beam me up someone right smartish!

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