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Not a good day for this little chap....


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Got home last night after a wonderful weekend on the northern broads with The Corsican and Broad Ambition to find this little fella dead in our garden.


He was about eighty meters away from the Broad....  No obvious signs of damage, but looked very thin - although I'm not sure how 'fat' they are normally ....


Phoned a few organisations but they don't seem to be very interested even though on the internet it says that these must be reported and someone will come along and collect it for a post mortem and also to make sure there are no pups around.





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Such a shame, he looks fairly undamaged, so probably died from an illness rather than injury, im also suprised though that none of the organisations wanted to investigate his demise further. We have just spent 3weeks down on Dannys Paddock and a lot of time wildlife spotting bankside on the Ant and around Womack, and indeed spotted you following BA through Ludham bridge last Friday I think, theres been the usual fun and games in that area, a few down to inexperianced first time helmsmanship, some due to sheer stupidity, like the lads crew who tried Legging there boat through canal tunnel style, with one of the crew falling off the stern and into the river inches away from the prop, which thankfully was not engaged at the time, and the privateer who had forgotton about his bikes on his roof and managed to loose a couple of them into the water during transit, causing caos whilst they were retrieved.

Spotted some beautiful butterflies, loads of dragonflies, wild deer, and barn owls, we would have loved to have seen an otter, but prefably an alive one.


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If I remember correctly wasn't there a post a while ago on either here or the other forum re:a fisherman who was putting poisoned bait down for these little guys. One would hope that this practice had stopped or the guy caught. But by the look of this photo maybe not.

God I hope I'm wrong, but if not then maybe it's time to start poisoning fishermen friends in the hope of catching the culprit

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