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The Goose is back


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10880_10151601815062689_111579261_n.jpgThe Goose is back on the water for the first time since April 2011, she has been on a mud birth ever since, only floating a couple of times a month.

We have been working on her as and when we could, but it took us longer then we expected, due to me becoming ill 2 1/2 years ago, which I am pleased to say I'm getting better.

On Thursday September 2013 we managed to refloat her, after 4 tides to get her out of mud birth, having done that, we took her to Old Leigh for 8 days with mixed emotions, all of my sailing/cruising career I had wanted to go their by boat, I have to say, I will never go their again, I had kids running across the top of Boat, people spitting at her, and generally being disrispectful to me for the whole time I was their.

On Friday 30th we set out for the new mooring at Suttons Whafe Rochford, we spent 6 hours motoring round past Southend Pier, on the Thames, going out to sea about 2 miles to clear the Maplin sands, motoring on into the River Crouch, I had to navigate through a yacht race, of about 50 yachts coming from all directions, we arrived safly at the Burnham Yacht Marina at 11.56, where we took a mooring for the night, got to say it was the nicest place I have moored in a long time, and spent a pleasent evening in the pub.


the next day we set off for Suttons Whafe, Rochford, it took just under 2 hours to get their, I was'nt in any hurry to end trip.

She is now safely on her new mooring, awaiting the final finishes, the she will be going round to the Fens next year.

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Was member on old site, posted some pictures of the Goose out of the water, that was back in 2007/8, just rejoined.

Old Leigh Is on the River Thames, near Southend on sea, Essex, Its a fishing village, best known for its cockles.

Jill and I both want to get her ready for next season, when I will motor her round the coast to the Wash and then onto the Fens, where she will be based for a few years.


Regards Gary



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Hi and welcome,she is looking good .interested to hear of your tales ,what engine has she and how did she handle at sea?spent lots of time in Leigh as a child but was disappointed on our last visit it has tried to go upmarket in my opinion.they used to bring the cockles from the boat to the boiler house and then serve at the counter ,a journey all of about twenty feet in all .Could not be fresher,Osbournes I am sure was the name ,The pub was a few feet more ,Bliss

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Sunrise over Southend, we left early from Old Leigh so the we would run with the tide once it turned, as we got to the pier head, the sun started to break through the clouds.






Osbourns are still going strong, and all the pubs a busy all year round, but have gone up market, shame realy, as this has made it trendy, and with that came all the problems as well.


The cockles are still as fresh as they were then, but unloading has changed it all done by diggers, no more watching them unloaded by baskets.


The Engine is a Sole 44, which is new, only under 15 hours on the clock, in fact the trip round was a bit of a nail bitter, as we had never ran it for that long before, and being out to sea with it was a bit of a risk.

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I was born in that area and cut my teeth in Old Leigh. The Crooked Billet is, I suspect, the pub that's gone up market, but there's still the Peter Boat and the Ship close by, unless they too have gone upwards or closed.

I must go down there again soon if only to get some proper shrimps!

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Please keep this coming! and pictures! We sailed around leigh and southend on our sailing boat from the medway and am pondering the idea of motoring the cruiser upto the broads when she's finished so I'd love to hear how you get on on the same route... Good luck though and have a safe journey!

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