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Oh dear! Has the NBF gone belly up again or is it just me?!


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This is starting to look like a cyber attack as the .org seems to be down as well


I doubt it.  


The error message from the NBF is a Jrun connector on the server, so it looks like maybe hardware related again.

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Why would that imply a hardware fault?


"Imply" being the significant word there. True, it could be software related instead, but usually Richard has reported the jrun errors back as hardware failures like disc drives etc.


I would think that a cyber attack would result in graffiti or a complete server failure, rather than a code failure message.


The URL was resolving ok to the address thoughout the downtime.

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And in laymans terms?.



A hacking attack would usually either blow the whole site away completely including the initial home page, resulting in a "site not found" message,


or, more commonly,


leave the site running, but full of rubbish messages, "graffiti".


Whereas the "Jrun" error message shows that the website is able to respond to the web browser request, but the server can't process or get the data requested.

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Well the site does run on a Windows 2000 server.......I'm not surprised it struggles a bit in 2013!


The root of the problem is unlikely to be the operating system of the webserver, or even the coldfusion language.


It's much more likely to be the difficulty of maintaining the standalone locally based hardware.


Almost all non-corporate websites are hosted commercially  by large hosting companies with banks of servers running in air conditioned buildings. They also have much faster, more direct connection to the spine of the Internet, enabling a much higher bandwidth for concurrent connections than a single digital telephone line.

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All this reporting on its status is a bit like the Okey Cokey.


It seems truly remarkable that the most popular forum is the most flakey. I know it costs money to keep these things going and the more popular it is, the more it might cost, but surely it's time to revamp this old dog that is the NBF and drag it kicking and screaming into to the realms of technology that can be easily and inexpensively hosted in a server farm rather than screaming away in pain in a bedroom at the end of a ADSL line. The running costs will surely plumet which might mean that Richard's reported deficit would reduce....

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