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Yesterday my wife passed me an envelope and told me it was something from Richardsons. When I started reading the letter I started smiling and told my wife we would have to re-arrange something about the holiday we are due to start on Friday. I could not keep a straight face any longer and told her we would have to set off a bit earlier on Friday as Richardsons hope to have our boat ready for us by 1 o'clock instead of 4 p.m. Great news - our holiday is closer than we thought!! Thanks Clive and crew...you know how to make people happy!

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Hi Jeff,

I am glad we put a big smile on you :trophy

We have some big turn rounds so obviously some boats will be done first, we try and focus on getting the 'Platinuim' fleet ready first but do know in advance most of the boats which will be ready early so we write to the customers as far in advance as possible letting them know their boat should be ready by 1 O'clock.

This stops 100 parties turning up at 4 pm which would clog the car park, the life jackets, reception and also stop the team being able to get home for their tea on time.

obviously when we have smaller turn rounds we still have the same staff so the boats are nearly all ready earlier so most people can get away down the river earlier :party:

We have been in this game a while now so we try and make the experience as smooth as possible which makes life far easier for everyone involved.

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We got the 1pm letter the other week and as we stay over night in GY so no rushing, Toby breakfast, Asda, jolly down to Stalham.

Turned up 1245 to office and started to go throught the blue book and said I'd had this boat 4 times and told to get going your boat is was I can't see it know - Van already along side to unload.

Nipped into yard office to let them know we were getting on, get on with it so had it before. It's good the team remember you with the amount of people they see. Even a passing engineer shouted over. Guy doing hand over said he had to do his paperwork and leave us to it.

Great service.


There was a problem with the boat which Yard boss came to see us and agreed - sorted best he could but I've been 50/50 if I should stick it on the forum but not on this thread.


We'll be back

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Hi Paul,

Keep your fingers crossed but we cant issue the letter to everyone as we would have the same congestion problem just 3 hours earlier!

(we do try to have the Part week boats ready the earliest but it does not always work out like that)

Have a great holiday..

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