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fridge noise

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We have a Shoreline and it is very quiet and economical but like the Isotherm they are not cheap.      Well is anything you want for the boat cheap , I dont think the word boat and cheap or inexpensive go together at all.




We bought the 5511 a couple of years ago and it's been really great. The ice compartment does just that and we're never out of ice for drinkies!  ice slice

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HI, I apologise for the late posting (I'm a specialist at that!)  :mrgreen:


I have "cheap" and effective - a 230v  2+ energy rated standard domestic bar fridge that cost something like 220€ running through a 500W full sinewave inverter.  To err on the side of caution, a slightly larger inverter would be better for the fridge, but ours has performed faultlessly and silently for almost four years now.


Of course we don't venture into seriously rough waterways, but for all the usual waves and wakes on rivers its' been terrific.





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If you mean run a 240v mains fridge from 2 110ah batteries via an inverter, don't.


The inverter will knacker your batteries faster than opening the caps and tipping the fluid away.


12v is the only way to do it unless you have a permenant shore connection. The Shoreline fridges are very good. If you want one of these, you should drop me a line; we can get some good prices.

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just alittle note ole rule apply ............


better quality and correct batt, in rite situation .............


cheap batt,,,cheap fridge   ,  not enough charge to batt banks ,poor wiring etc


will result in sour milk,ice cubes melty and unhappy wiffy ....



same ole thing get more appliance's and don,t in crease the power supply nor improve the poor ole charge circuit ......



just a thought .............

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We have a CR50 which runs on the batteries only with no problems. 

The adapter will work on Shorepower when you are plugged in and

revert to batteries when you are not.

We had the adapter on our last boat but found it was not worth

doing when I installed the new fridge in our present boat. If you

intend to leave the fridge on, say for a few days when you are

away, I'de say get the adapter or just use the onboard charger.

Choice is yours really.

Incidently, we have 3 domestic batteries of 120amps each + 2 for

the inverter and 1 for the engine. (Can't have enough! :bow )

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We have 2 fridges on board. One runs from shorepower and automatically switches to batteries when shorepower is unplugged. The second runs solely on batteries and we have had no problems so far even when both are running on 12v. We do turn one of them off at night though )the beer fridge) as it's a bit noisy with 2 going at once!

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