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The Jolly Richie Takes over the Norflok Broads!

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We have a pirate themed boat Available form next week for families to bring some fun back to boating!




we have taken our first booking this morning so get in while you can, ! :pirate  :pirate :pirate  

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We only mentioned the charities who have accepted the offer, some need to come and view her first.. we don't expect her to let mid week out of the school holidays as she is not available to all male/ female parties..


there are a couple of ideas for another one but we will have to see how this one goes first...


I have had a Broadsman and a Carousel over Christmas as well as Prisma the previous year, I told my kids yesterday that I was bringing Far Horizon home at the end of the season, there was a mutiny, they want the pirate boat!

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And that's exactly what it does do Clive adds a bit of fun and excitement for the young ones.. Shown two of our grand kidds this morn that are over and they loved it Well done. our little Marlie would like a peppa pig one ( oink oink ) please Clive ;)



There are plenty of muddy puddles for Marlie.!


we have tried to rule out anything with copyright of a licence but will have to do a little more homework..

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Here is an idea - you do the same as you have with the vinyl wrapping, but come up with a kind of 'neutral’ design that appeals to girls and boys so you could just make the boat very colourful and ‘cool’ or play around with using the vinyl to cover things like square windows but give the impression of round portholes from the outside – the point is that the outside which is the costly and harder part stays ‘as is’ but as the season progresses so the ‘theme’ inside the boat changes which costs less and can of course be changed.


Indeed would it be that hard to have a variety of curtains /duvet covers and the like made up so parents booking could request one of three themes, girly and sweet or action hero, battleship - you get the idea... Or to make life easier Easter hols could be one theme, summer holidays another, october half term a another...


You can see I am all at sea when it comes to kids and what they preserve as being really cool and fun which is odd since I am often told I am a big kid myself lol.


Seriously though what a clever and original idea this is!  :clap


I wonder too if the wrap lasts well, you might have just have a new way to cover boats rahter than to paint and make them look new and hide all the blemishes under the vinyl 

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I am just about to telephone Rico's to book our 25th anniversary holiday, and as I am one here with SWMBO watching, I thought I would show her this.......




But, I told her we can't go on it cos I don't want any more kids. (grandkids could be a possibility),


Got to have a word with my lads to get things moving.


:pirate  :pirate  :pirate

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Well - a female posting here.   If my other half booked me a pirate boat for our 25th I dont think there would be a 26th - if you get my drift.


Each to his own I suppose.

Well - a male posting here


Read the post.......


I was booking our anniversary, but thought I would show my OH  this while I was on the forum.....


I did not say I was booking it....



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There is lots to do on the Norfolk Broads for kids, for some ideas Have  a look at the download available on our site...



you don't have to be on the pirate ship to use it, you don't even have to be on one of our boats (but you would be silly not to be)


I did not start a new topic for this as it goes well with the pirate boat.

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Kids do seem to (unsurprisingly) love this pirate boat thing.... we've just been and it was moored a few along from ours on collection.  The youngest in our party (four year old) made a bee line for it and seemed most disappointed with Serenade as an alternative, initially anyway until he'd forgotten about it!



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