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Norfolk Broads Idiot could be fined for boating accident


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A man who was nearly killed in a boating accident on the Norfolk Broads is facing a fine of up to £2,000 after the incident was filmed and posted on YouTube.

For the full story please see:-


What a prat!

An older story but in todays news.



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The person filming is said to be a hirer & also states the Hampton is a hire craft that he was showing off to friends. In fact if the BA female officer who was shocked to see the video opened her eyes or went to spec savers. You can clearly see the privert flag thing on the stern which I've only see owners display.

So I don't think it would be hard to track down a light blue top Hampton with fenders on the side displayed in the video SIMPLES.

If there looking for a Hampton with a blue top there is only one sandersons but doesn't come with the flag lol


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Having looked back at the footage concentrating on the bow & the reg I've come to the conclusion it's L769 Ample photo taken 2007 but I think if the BA can find where she's moored. Look at the video & take a recent photo & match parts of the boat up.

When watching the video several times the first letter In the reg is an L & in the mark 3 class there is only two that start with L.

I keep looking at the reg I can get either L76 before I get a dodgy frame. But there could be loads not listed on Craig's but for shure I think it's Ample.


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Jonny's certainly nailed which boat it is, L769.  


It's a mark 3 Safari, which are far rarer than the mark 2.


Craig's photo in his database not only shows the same colour scheme, but also the same placement of the long run of black air vents in the hull below the midships galley window. These individual fit out items vary considerably between Hamptons and are usually a good indicator as they're difficult to move around.


Matt's right as well though, from the video the Hampton could just be a victim of this Moron, though it seems quite strange that he should have buzzed this particular boat so closely for no reason.


I also see from Craig's database that L769 changed hands in 2010 and was renamed, after this incident in 2009.




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That news story in the Telegraph is actually dated to 14th August 2009


The same article was linked to on a discussion about this incident on the NBF in 2009 and I believe the boat had indeed been identified. The original film was shot by forum member BuffaloBill so hopefully he'll be able to fill in the details and update as to whether any prosecution ever took place.





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Yes it was us that filmed it. How this has been brought up after so long I can't imagine!

The owners of the Hampton and the rib were traced without too much difficulty and 

they were duly fined in court for having no tolls and helming without care and caution

and also speeding. The young lad in the rib lost his job(I will not disclose what it was

other than to say Boating related) and was grounded by his mother when she saw the 

footage. He was in tears when he saw how close he came to dying!

If you watch the footage carefully, you will see the rib hit his head on it's first pass

over him, jumping up slightly. How the outboard motor missed I'll never know.

The footage on Youtube was only about 50% of the film and a copy of the original was

given to the BA for the prosecution.

Incidently, we approved a copy for a group who teach youngsters to sail after they

contacted us as they said it would save them hours in trying to get the message

about safety across.

A lesson learned for many people.

Edited to add that the rib did come with the Hampton and they were messing about

long before we started filming, hence why we did film it. They had buzzed us several

times so close we expected to be hit with each pass.

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