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Time for another :-D


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Hello forumites, it's been a while since I last posted. For those that don't remember me, I'm very much a skinflint who prefers to get hands on with everything. I was saving for a larger boat but due to new priorities ( my recent engagement) I decided to go for convenience.

Therefore my new boat is a Dawncraft Dandy bought from the mooring next to mine :-D

It's currently in what I would call a working outdated condition.

The restoration/fixing up has begun with the carpets being ripped off the walls and floor, the gas systems removed and a quick rewire of the electrics.

The jobs to do will range from insulating the hull and walls then panelling over top, flooring, replacing gas systems, new windscreen, cushions, curtains to blinds or window tint, whole exterior pressure washed, top polished/buffed, hull antifouled

Etc etc etc.

As you can tell it should be a fun one so i will update with pictures throughout the stages but please bare with me as after taking more hours on at work i only get a handfull of hours a month to get down the boat.

Wish me luck

Kind regards Branden




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Did you actually get to enjoy the other boat before starting a new project.

I would say I definitely did. Overall my favourite part of having the boat was working on it. After a few hundred hours use including fishing trips, weekends away and many a night with friends I would say I got my moneys worth.

The new project has 5'7 inside height and at 5'7 myself, I can just about stand up straight. Beth (my fiancé) is a short ass at 4ft10 so plenty of walking room.

This was the only issue with my last boat as taller people couldn't sit upright in the cabin. 

It might be worth a mention that I've also got a Mirror Sailing Dinghy (completed)  that's sitting in my garden :P So I have 3 boats and a canoe at the minute :???:

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Its amazing what people have on their boats. Turns out a pot I'd been using as an ash tray is actually worth a few bob.


My cupboards were full when I bought the boat as the previous owner said he never ate on the boat so didn't use the galley equipment. It wasn't till I got the whole lot home for cleaning that I realised they were all fine china £££.

Attached is a photo of the royal doulton section of it.. enjoy :P


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  • 8 months later...

Hello all. Thought it was about time i added some posts to this. The dandy project is slowly getting there. The internal layout has changed and is at the stage of lining and painting , whilst the colour scheme for the exterior has finally been decided on ( just waiting for time off work to get started).

So far the spend has been well under £100 mainly due to recycling old parts and using scraps from the garden and friends. The simplest thing i made was a sink from a mixing bowl and its the part that for some reason i'm most proud of.

When i finally fix my cameras memory card (snapped off lock pin) i will upload all the pictures from the last 8 months ( it really has been a while).

Thanks for looking

Branden :-D

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I seem to be having a lot of trouble recovering the photos so I'll start by uploading the odd ones from my phone.post-465-0-19064800-1406240807_thumb.jpg out with the curtains, in with the blinds post-465-0-43901700-1406240893_thumb.jpg

Here's the homemade sink and a very rough photo of the new layout. The kitchen has been removed and the toilet from the left hand side is now on the right, the kitchen unit attached alongside. This means a lot more room to move around inside.

The new kitchen unit is made from an old table for the work top and old cot sides for the doors.

Will upload better pics when I take some or recover the old ones.

Branden :D








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The DIY sink, total spend £9 ;)

Really simple to make with the right tools (which I didn't have)

£4 stainless steel bowl from various supermarkets,

Circle cutting bit and drill

File for the sharp edges

Sink plug £5 best price I could find

Some sort of silicone sealer found in shed.

Step one: mark the centre of the bowl and drill a hole through.

Step two: cut the correct size circle for the drain either with one cutting bit or drilling various holes in the circle then use a hack saw blade to cut between to the desired shape.

Step three: twist in the drain plug with some waterproof sealer between the layers.

Job Done







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Hi Branden,

I like the sink you have made, but why did you remove the old unit? it looks like a clever bit of moulding.

would a work top (with your sink) and new cupboard doors not have done the trick?

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The idea behind removing the old unit was to be able to fit the toilet next to the unit. I tried modifying the unit to accomodate this but i had to remove the top and sides to fit it in, so the unit therefore had no structural integrity. It was a case of it being easier and cheaper to create a whole new unit.

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well dun nice little ole job i say yer enjoy it 



we just sold a dandy last week big ole space in laittle ole boot 



good luck and keep going .....................................



launch any time free or charge at me ole boot yard when yer dun 



regrds .............................................grumpy jon 

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  • 1 month later...

Very quick update due to the time. The kitchen unit is finished and dash area has been painted. Quite happy with the unit as it was made from old scraps of wood and gives a lot more internal space. Currently making a roof hatch out of a sheet of wood I've been given. Once installed I have a gadget I've been playing with to mount to the boat which will sit in front of the hatch.

Roof lining has just been ordered. I won't say what material as it's an odd one and if it doesn't work I'll keep it quiet ;).

Due to a lack of time this boat seems to be taking a very long time to get it finished so next years jobs will hopefully be the exterior restoration including a re paint, new wood framed windscreen and possibly a hard top roof over the helm.

I'll be sure to keep you all updated.

Kind regards Branden :P






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  • 4 months later...

It's been a long time coming but I'm finally going to get some work done on the boat.

The trailer is booked for this saturday so if all goes well i can begin finishing the boat this weekend. I've got 2 weeks booked of work for my wedding so the boats being done at the same time (my fiancee may tell you otherwise).

I'll be taking lots of photos so i'll try and add the best bits on here as i go along.

Branden :-D

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