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Cleaning and polishing hull

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You could look into 3M - and their professional range which is what I would go for if it was me.  Here are some details....


They have a range of high quality products: http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/c-805-marine-supplies.aspx


And this, (while specified for car use) seems pretty comprehensive with three different polishes and buffing pads getting ever finer: http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/p-1998-3m-perfect-it-iii-compound-and-polish-kit-50873-including-free-storage-box.aspx


Your need a varible speed polisher - it must be varialble speed because if not you can burn the gelcoat through heat bulit up with friction: http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/p-2319-3m-electric-car-polisher-240v-1-pack-64393.aspx


You will find all the polishing pads here: http://www.3mdirect.co.uk/c-593-polishing-pads-and-accessories.aspx


To clean the hull prior to polish have a look at: http://www.marinemegastore.com/product.asp?pf_id=BUR_381700&jump=0&cat_id=MAICLE002&cid=OOMQ7C3VV1XKX5CQ57XNZEU4QO7Y5C8V

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Clive will probably be along to comment soon :dance  Personally I use this, http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/polishing-machines/das-6-pro-dual-action-polisher/das-6-pro-dual-action-polisher/prod_673.html it's random orbital and does a brilliant job, and best of all it's fairly cheap compared to a lot of the other makes, I think most people will tell you to stay away from the Angle grinder type machines, Ok! they are half the price and if you know how to use them and do a brilliant job, but if you don't you can ruin your gel coat very easily, I bought mine from this company about five years ago and have done my boat and my son-in laws a few times, it's not as quick as using the angle grinder type but much safer and you won't burn through your gel coat if you get it wrong, the company is good to deal with and have everything you need..


Regards Frank,,,

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cleaning a hull ................ummm....polish


wear glove and spec too....


old squirty  bottle of mix light fairey and water all to help luub as yer go and not get to dry


read all intruc and warning on product yer use


get rid of the lime scale build up first, use what yer like that works


wash and rinse



remove all fender,s ...........or push them ooot orf thay whey....


if dry  place a wide beam marsking tape on the water line to protect the antifoul and to stop it geeting contaminated from all that ole polish and stuff


don,t for get to remove ole tape  or leave it on for weeks and watch me larff.....!!!!


if not, then stand and watch yer nice hull blend in to a red and blue blurr......!!!!


use a good quality polishin machine with either a sponge mop of the correct grade or a wooly mop again which works best fort you ......


if hull dull don,t go mad a compound the hole thing at once ....


leave it .......wait a while and step back and see........


do a test area first and let it stand a week or two if yer can let the wherther work on it and also you can see how thick yer ole gel is


if it still bright and shiney and not gone milky or dull carry on


now move yer ole head around and trunk a while


look closely at yer hull or top can yer see the fibre s in the layup !!!!!..???


be careful...........


when yer polish/compound  do a area as big as yer arms can stectch and no more ...NO MORE .......


yer know when its rite as it will clean ,polish and leave no residue as yer do it


luub when dry ..experiment try it out


keep yer polish machine speed low .....not to slow but not to fast ,naa scorchers ere.............


its simple but yer can muck it up ..........



watch them ole sign ritten names and vinyl stripe to easy to wipe them away ,don't press to hard and keep movin .....


lookout for those ole fittings etc



polish the same way ...............do it several times and build yer shine up to protect the ole light rays and grime runs  etc



yer know when yer done a good job no streaks ,no smugging and during the year she still shine and wash with a wash and wax to keep .....


protect the wood if yer got wooden rubber and be carefull ,no silly balancing act ole ole crappy ladders ...........



have fun ...................



warning...... do not use some old tin orf grandad best car poilish  that been in yer garge since the 60,s.................why .........


cuz it,ll have some great ole rong ingredients like ammonia and stuff ,that make nice marks on yer hull with a machine ...!!!!!


ask for the posh half decent stuff for fibre glass etc


quality some time is best .............


well some of my views on the matter .I,m sure each to there own ....


let us know how yer get on .........??

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I've just come across this.  Hope your cleaning went well.


I must admit I find polishing gel-coat very therapeutic. 


I've spent many happy hours over the years polishing gel-coat wings on gliders, usually by hand.


Mind you to do a 38ft boat like MS by hand would take me forever.


Him-in-charge thinks I'm bonkers!



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