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New boat name!


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We have decided to rename Perfick whilst we're carrying out the refurbishment work however we have no idea what to call her! At the moment the lead contender is 'Stirling' as my much missed Grandfather flew in Stirlings during the war and I also still own his Rover Sterling which is currently in storage and will be my next project once I finish pouring money into the RLM shaped hole in our yard! At the moment the name isn't set in stone so I'm just throwing it out to the community to see if anyone has any alternatives?

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Saw one the other day which I thought was quite cute -   Plan B.   I can imagine he or she had their eye on one boat and it did not materialize and they ended up with the boat they have at the moment.


If it has to be RAF associated I am sure there will be lots of suggestions.   My old pops was in the RAF and I can still to this day remember his number.

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Names are probably about the most personal things about boats so perhaps I might suggest you start "categorising" them to narrow the field.

River names... ie Yare lady.

Nature names... ie Black Swan or Cooty

Contrived name names ie MarMike if you are Margret & Michael

Romantic names... ie Glistening Brook

Play on words... ie Overdraught.

Humour... ie Donttellim Pike.

Family history ie Stirling in your case.

or Cheesy names ... ie Stillraomin.

On my second boat I was advised to keep names short and use letters that are straight lines. I am now on my third boat called Nyx and have two dinghies one called Nyxii the other called Nyxii II.

Good luck

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Hi Reedham, If I came into to some money like winning the lottery, which would be difficult since I don't enter it, I would name the boat "Outrageous Fortune", and this why goodfortune on the NBF calls herself that because she couldn't get the longer version to fit her avatar.


Why the straiight lines John, easier to sign write or remember?

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