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With such a horrible damp grey day here in Sussex and home from work early I got to thinking [yes it did hurt] what are the most memorable trips on the Broads have you had?, be it happy, sad, funny or terrible.


Every holiday we have had on the Broads have been memorable so really can't point anything out in particular but some of you guys must have a tale to tell. Looking forward to this :dance



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Right I'll kick this off with a memorable trip, memorable for several reasons, frightening, grateful, funny.

It's 1974 at Mixer marine in Stalham, Carol and I, with our two daughters of 14months and 2 years 9 months are enjoying a holiday in an house boat. I'm looking after the children outside in the little play park they had, A couple of swings, sandpit, slide and a seesaw, so the eldest was happy swinging back and forth and I turned to put the youngest on the slide and guide her down. Seconds, a minute, it was quick, splash! turning around my eldest daughter was gone, a parents worst nightmare, grabbing the youngest I ran calling for Carol who met me as I arrived in the approximate area of the splash I'd heard, I handed my daughter to Carol and then spotted the single tiny hand sticking above the water. Still fearing the worst I grabbed the hand and pulled to see my daughter slowly rise out of the water, her eyes were open, she was spitting water, she was alive and seemed totally unfazed by her ordeal, I wish I could say the same for myself.

Later when the heart was starting to beat with a steadier pulse we asked our daughter why she thought to raise her hand out of the water, her answer "it was my sucking thumb" turns out she didn't want to get it wet.

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Mines an unusual story so I'll keep it short and sweet.

1 boat, 1 pirate hat, 1 gust of wind, 1 20 stone friend.

Whilst holidaying on the broads about 3 years ago, I decided to venture to the rear (bath tub) of the boat for a cigarette when a gust of wind blew my hat clean in the water. We put the boat in neutral and my mate gavin leant over to grab it. As he's a larger gentleman, once the tipping point was reached, sure enough he went a*se over t*t straight off the back of the boat in february waters.

With 5 of us aboard we still couldnt pull him back on so ended up towing him on a rope to land. After climbing through the reeds we eventually got him aboard, bloodied and to this day scarred.

Things could of gone alot worse but with a cup of tea and a warm blanket even my m8 was laughing.

To this day the pirate hat sits on my bedroom wall :-D

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