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Well i have moved


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I used to moor at a big yard, who will remain nameless for obvious reasons!!!

this weakend just gone we moved to the wet shed at Richo's Stalham, i have seen that there are plenty of forum members in there already, The place is like a walk in history of the broads boats, and can imagine i will spend many an hour  just looking at some fantastic craft. The yard have made us more than welcome, and i can't say i am sorry to be there, when we first put a boat on the broads 5 years ago now we moored next door at Broadsedge, and the ant has to be one of the most beautifull rivers on the system especailly this time of year. The shed is full of boats that put mine to shame(at the moment anyway) so i know i will not have a problem with damage to my boat as i had 'elsewhere', and the owners will not challenge me as to the right i have to be in their yard! and cheaper and electricy and water all at hand... :party:

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We have all been moored somewhere before, we change places due to a number of reasons, it can be the price, the facilities or lack of them, poor service etc.


Usually we tend to find better places to be moored.


It sounds as if you will have to up your game to remain in the wet shed.




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We were moored at Stalham , golf moorings,  for 4 years and loved every minute of it.      However ,  living near to Beccles and not getting any younger ,  we decided to take the bull by the horns and move down South.   Again we have found a lovely Marina,   excellent in every way.    We would have no hesitation whatsoever to move back to Richardsons if we decided to have a mooring Up North.   I am sure you will very happy there, and yes the staff, especially Chris have always been most helpful to us.      Anything we every required,   no sooner the nod that whatever, be it a gas cylinder or a new battery,  hey presto a yard van would arrive with it behind the boat.    Now that is what I call service.    This usually accompanied by one of the staff who was a right comic.    So you had a good laugh at the same time.



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What are you getting, Soundings? Am I right in thinking you had an AF Ruby 33 before?

 Spot on Jonzo, we are in the throws of getting a Bounty 37 Mk2. Hopefully the deal will be completed by end of this month and then we shall be back on our old mooring. Wish I could afford the wet shed  :smile:  Still, our's is a nice spot with nice neighbours.

You must be there somewhere, Jonzo?

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I don't think that the price of the wet shed is that high actually, especially when it is five hundred cheaper than I was paying elsewhere, when at Acle dyke, it was only just less than paying at Richos wet shed, with far far better amenities, glad to be there, security was one big point to moving as well as the friendliness of the owners, being under cover is a completely personal choice that we want for our boat, its nice to see a place that is having money spent on it, and Clive don't worry about yourself, as I only hear good things about you, and having been customers on and off for 20 plus years know the yard well.

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We had a look in there, but to be honest, it was in a bit of a state

with rust dropping off the roof and the carpark needed a makeover too.

We were told 2 yrs ago that it was to have a new roof soon but last

time we looked it still wasn't done (last year) Once done, we would

certainly look again at maybe moving for a change, but then Horning

might be worth a look too although no wet shed.

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  I know it is not a new shed and has its issues but it is pretty good value and full.

Not sure where you might have heard plans about a new roof but there are none at present, it has been thought about though.

The car park was vastly improved a couple of years ago but we are working on the end of the shed this summer.

its a personal choice as to weather you have your boat undercover, it saves time and effort though which usually add up to money..

when we do the roof you will be sure that the price per foot will  have to go up a fair bit, probably equal to an outside mooring in Wroxham or horing..

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