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Hi all


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Hello to everyone and thanks for letting me in. My wife and I have recently bought a 35' Harvey Eastwood Broads Cruiser moored on the Trent. We've had several boats over the years had decided to give them up owing my healh problems. So here we are again gving it another go with this big old bus which is offering me the comfort of a caravan when really what I've always prefered a wooden boat with a full wheelhouse, lots of brass, dials and varnished wood but at least we're back on the water again.

Maybe in the future she might go back on the Broads where she belongs if I could find a mooring as close as possible to my location.I have been looking on here and found our boat  which was still on the Broads in the mid nintees 

I went to sea as a lad on BP tankers for a while but my wife won the tug o war there lol and then in the eightees I worked on a gravel quarry in Romney Marsh driving those mini tugs pushing gravel barges around in a lovely location, it was the best shore job that I'd ever had even though it was a bit cold in winter...

cheers for now guys.

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Thanks for the warm welcome from you all. I have just worked out how to upload an Avatar, her name is Acle Dawn.

I have this Kabola heater installed on my boat but with having mobility problems I am unable get down and work out how to light it. and have no contact with the previous owner. 

I did wonder if anyone had the same or simular heater. I am having to run an electric fan heater to try and keep warm even though I have a full tank of diesel for this oil heater. I would appreceate any advice on lighting it, my wife has tried but has been unable to work it out, the heater is only three years old, thanks..

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hi lesmals


welcome from me to and this is what craig has for your boat


I had a reflex diesel heater on one of my old boats and

all I remember is that the diesel used to go waxy when

it was cold and clog it all up so I used to burn

kerosene with it but soon went over to a good old log burner,

much nicer heat.

looking at our local suppliers, it may still have some

guarantee left if you have the paperwork.


apart from giving it a clean out I would recon its best

to get someone who really knows what they are doing as it

may really be sensitive.

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Just in case you can't open that as you'll need Adobe reader, here's the start up bit in the manual,,


4.2 Starting the stove

Follow the procedure below to start the stove:

1. Reset the overboil protection if the stove has a back boiler

2. Remove the lid (Old Dutch) or open the door (Old English)

3. Open the tap of the oil tank

4. Set the oil regulator to setting 2

5. Push the lever of the flame protection device down

6. Keep the lever pushed down, until oil flows in the burner pot

7. Release the lever of the flame protection device

8. Pour approximately 20 ml of spirit in the burner pot

9. Light the spirit, using a torch or a match

10. Replace the lid or close the door

11. Wait until the spirit has almost burned off (the flame pattern recedes)

12. Press the lever of the flame protection device

13. Keep the lever pushed down for approximately 1-1,5 minutes until the flame

is well established

14. Wait approximately 15 minutes before you set the regulator to a lower or

higher setting

It is possible that condensation will occur on the back boiler. This condensation

will disappear when the water reaches its operating temperature

5 Operation

After the stove has been started according to paragraph 4.2, the operation of the stove is very simple.

Using the control on the regulator, you can control the oil flow to the burner pot.

The minimum flame setting should result in a round blue flame in the pot. This has to be achieved by

visual observation. If the flame burns lower, the burner will soot up rapidly and efficiency will be

reduced dramatically.

The lowest setting of the oil regulator does not necessarily mean the lowest operating setting of the

boiler. Due to differences in temperature, composition (thinning agents) and oil quality, there may be

differences in oil viscosity (thickness). This may result in the boiler burning differently on the same

setting of the oil regulator. By adjusting the control on the regulator you will be able to fine tune the

burning characteristics.

Attention: Never change the settings of the oil regulator. ( the adjustment screws) The regulator

has been set exactly by the manufacturer.

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Many thank for the help and advice for the diesel heater, fraid I don't think that this marina now allows solid fuel heaters owing to the close proximity between boats. Have printed out the Kabola manual that you found Frank, it will be a great help thanks also for the boat history info link. Have followed the A.R Peachment link and it looks like they have a list of local Kabola agents so if all else fails will get someone out to sort it. Although the only problem is with having just bought the boat and having an insurance survey so as to be able to get fully comp insurance. This threw up several faults that needed rectifying, which as you can imagine cost quite a bit. Whilst she was out of the water we had her anti fouled and new anodes, now there wasn't anything really major and most of the faults were safety orientated but as we know when paying to get even minor work done the final bill can soon adds up. So with all that cash is a bit short at the moment, hence trying light the stove ourselves now as we have some instructions, thanks guys.

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PS I almost forgot thanks for your welcome goldengnome I've only just registered with the forum the other day, at least as far as I know it was lol. I'm pleased that I did as it's great being able to chat with friendly and like minded people.  :wave 

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