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Can't see the wood for the trees.


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For some time now I've been thinking about buying some woodland. Ideally it would have some form of protection against being built on. The only 'development' I'd want would be a landing stage (so obviously it would have to be riverside) and would need to have vehicle access.

My intention would be conservation, limited woodland husbandry, pollarding and replanting. The level of habitat building would depend on the size of the plot. Northern or southern waters, either would be great.

Do any of you who are lucky enough to live in the area know of anything along those lines being available? 

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John. The last people I know of that tried it found out after purchase

that they could in fact do nothing! Not even clean out the rubbish to

allow the trees to grow better. No pollarding or planting even!

You will really have to do your homework on a plot that you want to buy!

Good luck.

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Just to add John, they couldn't even put up a small shed to keep tools in!!

I haven't heard anything for the last 2 yrs or so but the restrictions can be 

prohibitive to the reasons for owning it. It had river frontage but weren't

allowed to moor there! Bonkers is all I can say without being modded  :naughty:

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Hello BB,


I have seen a few water side plots over the years, a number of them with part built sheds/buildings no doubt these owners have run out of money, patience or just run foul of the planners.

The fact that there is a riverside mooring on the land that was purchased and could not be used; in the topic above. is a complete red tape nightmare.


Sadly common sense is rarely used! :???:




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just get yer bit orf land then yer can say ......

ORF MY LAND ...........

buy it dig move it and grow it do it anyways worry about stuff later ......

own yer bit orf land like yer stole it .....

I bet there an eu grant for this .......

ive a got a bit only 1.5 million ........!!!!!!

that includes rubbish, boots and goose etc etc .....

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