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Channel 4's Location, Location, Location - in Norfolk


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Hi Sueh


Sadly I was out and missed the programme, but I have the same dream as you to buy a house and live in Norfolk. The only way it's going to happen at the moment is if my numbers come up.


I am very low maintenance so just a five bedroom house on any stretch of river front in Norfolk with mooring rights and 38ft centre cockpit moored at the bottom of my garden, that's not too much to ask is it Lol  :wave

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The houses in some cases were ok but somewhat over priced but may have been ok for Norfolk, but where do they find these people.
The older couple paying £362K and then getting an architect to draw up plans for changing it all.



I watched this last night.     I skipped through most of it because all I kept saying was ,   with that kind of money I would have expected property of a much higher standard and in a nicer spots.     The programme seems to be more about the presenters than the folk trying to find a property.   Three hundred and twenty six thousand pounds , phew!!   I would have thought the choice would be endless.    It gave the impression that you had to have a fair old wack in your back pocket to purchase up here and that is just not so.      

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:wave  hi all, i too watched that programme, & was amazed with the old couple , especially the husband, he just wanted a house to so that he could take it to pieces, that last house had a beautiful conservatory & yet he wanted to put a horrible box on the back, i just did'nt understand him, the house was plenty big enough for the couple, i just hate it when people just buy a house  or bungalow to destroy, why can't they just live them,  two guns  lori                                                      

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Hi Sue,


For me if our numbers came up would be the new thatched house on the bend in the river before you get to Brammerton. We watched it being built.


Here is a link to the one I am talking about:-





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Watched it last night,what an annoying man. I don't think he would ever be pleased.I bet the neighbour who called in would not be happy to see those plans and the work that would be going on next door .We live a few miles from that area and if we were lucky to have that sort of money,there is some lovely properties in that price range that I am sure would suit 99% of us. I would have taken his conservatory away for him ,but it would not have fitted in our garden.liked the cottage the girls brought and the local pub ,bliss LOL

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I managed to watch this last night too,,the girls went for the nicest of their bunch, the dark haired woman sure wears the trousers in that relationship but they both had requirements of their own and I think they were met.


That guy??? Irritating,, that's it,, bloomin irritating ok their budget was a hefty one but he seemed to expect a champagne lifestyle on beer money,,Did you see that view!!! That was a real gem for that house.

I'd like to go back like homes under the hammer do, to see how the buyers get on and to see what actual technology toys he was talking about needing in his new home and IF he actually incorporated any.

It was good to see 2 sales in that episode too as too often the purchasers seem to be just on there to be on TV..



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I'm a bit amazed at the level of annoyance & lack of tolerance this guy seems to have caused/created!


I think we all want different things from a potential home, someone into technology probably wants technology, I would think most of us have modified our homes to make them what we want and probably wouldn't live in someone else's without changing it at all.


I understand most like people similar to themselves, but this is a TV programme, the odds of them not being people we want to have dinner with are surely pretty high?


I find the intolerance & frustration expressed by the presenters more annoying to be honest given this is their chosen path and from what I can see accommodating peoples (perhaps exasperating) wants & desires and helping them to compromise surely goes hand in hand with the job or the programme and they are redundant if it is easy or people just sort it themselves?



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