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Speaker backing?

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I believe that the speakers on our boat has too much base due

them being fitted into the lining panels which are hollow to the hull.

This produces a very deep base note which means turning up

the volume until it becomes possible to hear anything!

I'm sure someone posted on here months ago fitting a backing

cone or something to the speakers which improved things.

Trouble is, I can't seem to find any available.

Anyone know where to get any for 4" speakers?

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Not possible Mark without Major surgery as there's no access to

the rear of the mounting and the lining panels are screwed and

the heads hidden with wooden plugs and all varnished to match  :shocked

That's why I'm looking for backing cones or whatever to concentrate

the output forward and not into the cavity behind.

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Hi Bill,


I can't see any speaker backing cones but there must be some to adhere to fire regulations for ceiling voids in buildings.


Have a look at these speakers as an alternative they have a built in backing, I used some of these on the boat in February.




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Sorry Robin but they have to be modded! They boom

out far too loud as the whole hull becomes a 'boombox' :norty:

I hate loud music of any kind as I feel it drowns out far

to many other sounds which I prefer to hear(wildlife for one)and

I would not want to upset anyone close to us with such a din.

Parts on order now Frank. :dance

Andy, Enja I'm all for  :bow


Now one for the mods.

Even though the 'Edit' box opens, it won't allow me to edit my posts.

I wanted to add replies to Andy and Clive but couldn't. Any ideas?

(Dag nab it! it works now  two guns )

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Hi Bill,


If as you say, you feel you are getting too much bass, the best solution would be to reduce the bass level on your on your radio. If the speakers you have are only 4" units then they are going to be designed to work in what is known as a free air installation which is what you have. The lining panel that the speaker is mounted in is acting as an acoustic baffle and basically it masks the rear firing wave from the back of the speaker reaching your eardrum hence you only hear the forward firing waveform. If you have ever held a speaker in your hand while it is running you would notice that the low frequency response (bass) is very poor, this is because the front firing wave and rear firing wave are both audible (absence of a baffle) and because they are out of phase with each other, they effectively cancel each other out (no bass). What you are attempting to do by covering the rear of the speaker will have the effect of reducing the movement of the speaker cone by using an acoustic suspension (a small volume of air trapped behind the cone) a free air speaker is not designed to work is this way. Bass notes take a great deal more electrical energy to reproduce over mid range or higher frequencies. By physically restraining the movement of the cone in this way to reduce the low frequency output, in the long term will undoubtedly shorten the life of the speaker and in the short term may cause an overload condition within your radio units amplifier, leading to excessive heat and possibly increased distortion.



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