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Swan royale


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Had a great week on swan royale, a great boat despite her age. Very comfortable layout which suited us well. We had the rear double so we could let the dogs out for late night wees without too much disturbance. Brandon aged 12 had the front bedroom all to himself so he was well happy.

Freshwater toilets that did not smell unlike some we have used. Quite tight when it came to showering but managed ok. Nice touch with free sample size toiletries provided.

Galley area nice and clean with good fridge and oven. Toaster provided which got lots of use. Good range of kitchen equipment but could of done with another baking tray. Usually take a spare but forgot this time. Plenty of crockery and glasses etc.. Small selection of tea, coffee, sugar, milk was provided which we have never had before.

We were also provided with old sheets to protect the interior should the dogs get muddy. I do always bring a couple but for those who may forget they would come in very handy.

A good sized comfortable l shaped sofa. Plenty of room for two adults to lay flat out. I even slept on it a couple of times after a certain labrador invaded my bed!!

All in all a very nice boat for the price, one that we would use again if she was available. Thank you swancraft!

We managed to moor at all our chosen sites this time which is not always the case in august. We stayed at chedgrave, aldeby, st bennets abbey, oulton broad ,gays staithe, cantley and woods end on our last night. Had some good weather for april. Back in august but with teenagers in tow so will have to stay at the rowdy moorings to keep them happy. Dogs staying at dunstan lodge if i can bear to leave them! It will result in tears that's for sure. Hubby will have to drop them off. Counting down the days!!!

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Hi Mandy,


it`s always advisable to think carefully about what you post in open forum (i should know, i`ve done completely the opposite myself enough times).  You `ve just successfully informed your hireboat base that you let your dog sleep on the bedding, which if you check your aggreement, is a definite NO NO.


I may be wrong, but i`m sure EVERY hire fleet have a ploicy of "No pets on bedding and seating".? 



Good to hear you had a great time and great service from Swancraft too. It`s always good to hear good reviews about the hirefleets.

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Hi speedtriple,

Dog wasnt directly on bedding or sofa as we always come very prepared with large fake fur throws, old sheets, extra duvet covers etc. so that they don't damage anything or hair things up. I also always hoover any hair up before we hand boat back as i know dog hair can drive people nutty. Couple at boat yard were aware we came armed with doggy supplies as the came onto boat to chat and bring spare sheets aboard for us.

No complaints when we handed her back so i'm sure they were quite happy.

It is almost impossible to keep them down in such a confined space. They often retreat to a bedroom or even the shower tray when moving as the engine noise is not their favourite sound.

Not all boatyards are as dog friendly though i know!

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Hi howard, your name was mentioned at the boatyard on our return! We were chatting about the boats good points and how certain people have a soft spot for her. I presume it was tony i spoke with. He said they were going to retire her but had a change of heart. We really liked her. Have payed much more for a newer, flashier boat and not been as comfortable.

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Hi Mandy


I thought my ears were burning! Yes we certainly have a soft spot for Swan Royale, we have hired her for quite a few years now. Having said that all Swancraft boats are very good indeed. We’ll be back to annoy them next month – can’t wait! :smile:

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We have just returned from a fabulous fortnight on Swan Royale. It was however tinged with sadness as she has now been sold (subject to survey) so we will have to look for another boat after eleven very happy years.


Once again the service we received from Swancraft was first class. The boat ran faultlessly as always with no problems whatsoever. This is a testament to the quality of the maintenance that Swancraft carry out. We used 90 litres of fuel covering the Broads from top to bottom over 2 weeks so I was very pleased with that.


Being a smaller family run yard it isn’t so much service you get from Swancraft, it is a very personal attention. Nothing is too much trouble for them and everyone is treated as an individual. They get a lot of repeat business so really get to know there customers. We would not dream of going anywhere else.


So the only problem is, what to hire next year…………….

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Broadsman looks very nice Jonzo but maybe A tad big fot 2 of us :-o

Royalls Jon hmmmmm? :-) Did go with them a few years ago and they were very good I have to say.

However Swancraft are simply the best for me, so just a case of which one. Swan Relection favourite at the mo :-)

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Hi Howard


So glad you had a lovely time, know how you feel about Swan Craft I feel the same way about Richardsons, 


Won't do any harm to have a look at Viscount, San Fernando and San Marino all similar to Swan Royale I believe, I think Clive should take me on as his bloody PR Assistant if you ask me lol.


We have tried a couple of other Yards in the past but always come back home to Rickos, so any suggestions are going to be a waste of time me thinks  :kiss







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Hi due to a bit of confusion on my part, we came up to MS a week early!  Rather than go back again and return less than a week later we wondered down to Swancraft on the off chance.


They were very good to us, we are now on Swan Roamer up to there excellent standard.  


We always have received a good welcome and this week was no exception despite turning up without having booked.


Highly recommended!



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