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Bounty 30 front Well Cusions

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Not exactly what you would call a Technical Question but has any fitted front well cushions for a Bounty 30.   We are looking for something more practical than we have at the moment, that, could be left out (only whilst we are on the boat and during the day)  and if you had a shower of rain , they would not suffer too much.

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Foir just two limbs they can do pretty much anything.



That is what I was afraid of.      The trouble is the old bones are getting to the stage where we could do with a bit more comfort.   We have got cushions that were from old sun chairs which I covered in a bright blue and white material but you have to be a bit smart and get them in if it suddenly comes on to rain.         I just wondered if anyone had any ideas.  

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Call into Darbys Quay and have a word with Stephen, Quay boats, he will point you in the right direction, either Ray  who has done all our work or someone else who he's used recently to make seats for his Delta.

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There are a number of quality vinyl fabrics for outdoor seating available that would work well in a short shower, but you must appreciate that the seams are likley to become porus. We have some deck cushions that have a mesh on the underside to allow breathing of the foams and also to allow drainage.


I would recommend Creative Covers in Brundall - they carry out all our fleet work to a high standard and work for a number of other fleets too including Ferry Marina.



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Just a moment ago I was looking through to see what the Brokers had on offer in the way of boats - well we can all dream and I happened upon a Bounty 37 for sale and guess what in the front well, exactly what we are looking for.



I have given Jekells a prod as I think they have forgotten us completely.    However, if anyone else knows of who or where we can obtain these type of cushions for our well (Bounty 30) I would be most grateful.


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Hi Monica, I'm looking at cushions at the moment for the boat. The only advice I can offer is to buy the foam separately and cut it yourself (Use paper or cardboard as a template). You should find lots of places to get foam (although this online company look ok  - http://www.efoam.co.uk/).As Clive kindly stated, you will want close cell foam which stops water ingression. Once you cut the foam from your templates you can then take it to any upholsters. To reduce the cost try companies away from Marine, Caravan trimmers or even google "Upholsters near your town" should be much cheaper.


Saying this though, my folks used "Creative covers" and they did a good job on some bits for them so I'm sure they would recommend them.


cheers Alan

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Just taken delivery of our brand new cushions for the front well.     In the end Jeckells made them for us.   From start to finish they did it in two weeks.  Brilliant job and very pleased with price and workmanship.   

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