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Just been looking at booking a dual steer boat for a week next year, with our daughter, son in law and granddaughter. Looked at brinks melody nice looking boat, like the upgraded seating area on top, then looked at bolero from Clive's yard..... Wow nearly £600 difference in the total hire cost, yes Barnes charge £50 more in furl deposit and there's no early booking discount, but that some difference... We have been on board bolero our sons hired it three years ago, it's had the new flooring laid since then and she doesn't have tinted glass like melody and I think melody is an older boat. All that said I really don't see how they justify such a difference ?? Clive if you see this, have you any plans to change the upper deck on this class ???

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Hi Andy,

Our car park is free and the waiver less too :grin:

free dive insurance and a free map!

The plan is to use the Flybridge seating off our new Boat as it is better than the available versions

but I doubt it will be on there for this year..

I could tint the widows for you though :smile:

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I've hired Bolero next August, mainly because of the competitive price compared with similar craft. We are going to take some fold up chairs for the sun deck (tempting fate with the weather). I believe Brinks Melody has wooden outdoor furniture but as has already been said is a lot dearer!

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Hi Jimgibney.


We hired Bolero last year and did not need any patio furniture.


Think about where you will store them safely when not in use,  they could finish up being more trouble than they are worth.


I would have a word with Clive re the strength of the roof area and the pressure that the chairs would create ( assuming that the foot area would be quite small)


By the way Barnes Brinkcraft have done away with the chairs since they altered the roof area seating. 

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You will have a completely different holiday if this your first dual steer boat! You will see so much more over the reeds I suspect you will struggle to go back! I saw my first wild deer at ludham on a flybridge (Yeah londoner).. watch out the bridges though and don't forget to look where you are going as you can get distracted though!!

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