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Quiet and Peaceful !


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63 days for me! whooooops! sorry that's how many days we've been out so far this year :party: this week is the longest we have been home for a while, came back last Tuesday because I had appointments Wednesday, Thursday and today, we were going to make the long 35 minute drive to the boat today when I got back from the Dentist, but a delivery I'm waiting for hasn't turned up yet so it may be tomorrow or Monday before I'm back on the boat, it's so hard being retired and living so close to the boat, :cry :cry I bet you all feel really sorry for me don't you??? It looks like I may even beat the 145 days we were out last year!!! just so you don't think I'm trying to rub it in, I'm only doing it as I have a new forum flag and thought we could do with a bit of advertising, plus the flag is still a bit stiff and needs breaking in to make it flappy,,, :liar :liar



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It is indeed a beautiful stretch. I really wanted to see it last week but our boat needed 6 foot 11 at Wroxham Bridge and there was only 6 foot 8 available. I wonder if water levels are still contributing to the peace and quiet aspect.

They are much better today Simon. 7ft3" at Wroxham


cheers Iain

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Six weeks to the day for us and then a gap of five weeks and back again.  We have only done Coltishall run once and it is pleasant, I liked the way the river curves as you arrive.


I didn't realise at the time but I have kayaked from that weir by The Recruiting Sergeant, is it Holstead?


Hope the weather over there is better than it is here.


Keith :)

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Lori! I joke about but I do feel sorry for those that have boats and don't get to use them much, and those that can only hire for a week or two each year, I'm lucky in that I own ours, we are both retired and only live 35 minutes away from the boat, if I still lived in London I have no doubt that travel cost and work would reduce my outings to one or two weekends a month with the odd week when I was on holiday, I've been there and done it so know what it's like, since getting the Hampton 25 it's Judi that wants to be out on it all the time, me I'd live on a boat if I could, I've had five previous boats but this is her favourite, only 25ft long but all usable space and all on one level, the others have been bigger but nowhere near the room inside, I still prefer boats that look like boats like my Seamaster 813, I think the Hampton 25 is ugly but if Judi's happy that means I get to spend more time out, most weeks we only come home for two days to do the washing check the flat and have a proper shower,,,



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Lovely morning at North Cove. Only sound is birds singing :smile:



Hi Howard,


we`ve been past North Cove staithe dozens of times but never stopped there untill 2 years ago, when we stopped off for lunch while en-route to somewhere else. I must admit i liked the peace and quiet of it, so will sometime soon make an overnight stop there. It`s one of many places i`ve got my eyes on for overnighting when all the main areas are full.

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SPEEDTRIPLE, there is;


North Cove, about a mile further on, on the same bank is Worlingham Staithe and then about a mile further on, on the right bank is Alderby moorings.

About 100 yards inland from the moorings are Alderby fishing lakes.

Then next stop Beccles Yacht Station.

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If you follow the track north from North Cove, across the railway line you'll find the North Cove moorings.




The moorings weren't built when this pic was taken but if you pan west you'll find the Worlingham moorings that Neil mentions.

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