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Good morning to all members of the Forum from The sunny city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.


I am a long time Broads lover who first tried it in 1971 aboard a boat called Glistening Stream. I used to come 2 or 3 times a year until 2004 and then missed out for 10 years. Now I am back in a position to resume my love for boating and I was on Fair Monarch in April and will be on Carousel 3 in August. I am Scottish by the way - only working in Saudi.

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Hi Eric, welcome to the otherside. This forum is different, it has dumb blondes like Grace :naughty:  :naughty:  :naughty:  She gives us blokes a life of misery so she does. :naughty:  lol 

That means Eric, you can translate fur oor Grace when I go intae Scots speek  :naughty:  :naughty:  :naughty:

 Once again, a guid welcome to you frae me an awe the ithers. :wave


cheers Iain.

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A warm welcome from me too. Go on whats the weather doing in Saudi! is it bloody hot or just hot?  


How long are you in Saudi for?


You must be a huge broads fan to fly back from Saudi and spend your holidays on the broads! 

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Hi Alan,


Thanks for the welcome. It's not so hot here today - only 39C. It was 45C last Friday, but no humidity, so OK. I've been here 3 and a half years this time, did a 7 year stint back in the late 70s and early 80s. It's worth the travelling to get down to "broads speed" for a week.

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Thanks Gary. 9th to 16th August isn't that far away now, so excitement is rising. Just looking forward to a nice cruise, with a can of John Smiths at hand and the roof down (I hope). Oh! - one other thing, there is no English radio here in Saudi, so looking forward to some nice music and banter to listen to.

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Hi Eric and welcome..... funny how with miss things that we normally take for granted.

Last weekend I was allowed to go to our boat for a fishing weekend and very nice it was.

Normally the Mrs is with me and as the norm whenever she starts to waffle on about things it goes in one ear and out the other with just the occasional nod of the head and the odd mumble to just let her know I'm listening NOT.

Did miss her last weekend and so did Lathams. ..ps she will be back with me Saturday and Sunday for a trip to Wroxham so normal service will be resumed.

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