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A light hearted look at.........


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Robin, as I do not want to take over one of your excellent Blogs I have started a new thread.



I had been sent to The Norfolk Broads to do an undercover review by one of the Sunday Tabloids. 

Positioning myself amongst the bushes in one of the major beauty spots, Horning.

What a lovely peaceful place, all I could hear was the sound of the Birds singing. :party1: post-29388-0-29889300-1405515761_thumb.j


After about fifteen minutes a boat came slowly down the river and came to a stop in front of me, The Captain of the ship left his position at the helm and went to the stern of the boat. :Stinky

The Captain then fitted something, this made me sit up and my heart started pounding, it looked like a camera being positioned. :pirate

Is this what I had been sent to the Norfolk Broads to find, is it a spy, as The captain looked up I saw his face IT WAS MY HERO, THE LONDON RASCAL!!!!!!! :bow

Something must have taken his attention, the boat was drifting towards some trees on the bank. :love



All of a sudden there was an almighty crack that sounded like a branch breaking and could be heard all the way to Wroxham.

The birds scattered.



The fish jumped, the cattle stampeded and the chicken at Ferry Marina layed an egg. :clap

The Rascal looked, and saw that nobody was watching and reversed silently into a mooring at Ferry Marina.

I thought that I had better watch a bit longer to find out if anything was happening.

Was he working for The Broads Authority checking tax discs? :River Police



Or was it more sinister was he thinking how to get the chicken into the boat? :norty:



The mystery deepens, will we ever know. two guns



Robin I hope this does not offend. cheersbar  

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Offend?  Made me laugh.


I was focused at the time I did not know I had caught the tree, I knew I had come close to it - but it is now I turn up the volume on the video posted at Horning and you indeed hear the brush with nature. Still tree was fine after I am sure and the boat certainly was so that's the main thing.


You then caught me doing the daily boat clean and polish I think that is more embarrassing!

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