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Diesel and Copper BSS?

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hi peeps

ive phoned robert, one of the BSS officers and left a message directing him to the question.

hopefully he will come and explain the ins and outs of it.

he is really helpful and knowledgeable.

ian, i have added BSS to the tittle of your post so he can find it quickly, hope you don't mind.


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Interesting, so ULSD should be OK but as red is higher sulphor it may cause a problem, I wonder what the practical effect is though, i.e. how long would it take before it really was a problem. Fortunately the brake lines normally used for heater installations is cunifor, a high nickel content alloy so should be OK.

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An interesting article. It's strange how you assume things like copper and oil will not corrode. What is worse was I already knew it was a problem but not in the context of the boat. Vintage vehicle gearboxes contained bronze bearings and some oils in the 1980's leached the copper out of the bearings and caused mechanical failure.

I have always used cunifer on brake lines and also used it for the fuel lines on the boat so looks like it will be ok.

Ian :Sailing

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When the talk of diesel prices started I looked into bio-diesel and found this cannot be used with copper lines.I know bio-diesel is being added to road diesel is it being added to red?

Jonathan :Stinky

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:-D If that was right I think 70% of the boats on the Broads would have failed the BSS, I found a bit that says you can't use copper for fuel tanks but BSS 2.13 says this about fuel lines,

2.13 All fixed fuel feeds and pipes permanently charged with fuel shall be made of softened copper, stainless steel, aluminium alloy, or (for diesel installations only) mild steel of suitable size, fixed clear of exhaust systems and heating

apparatus and adequately supported to minimise vibration and strain. Balance pipes are only permitted in diesel fuelled installations. Any balance pipe between fuel tanks must comply with the requirements of this standard and must in addition be fitted with valves directly attached to the tank and so constructed that the valves will not become slack when operated.

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