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Sad to be home after having a great week on the Broads


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It may have been the great weather we had on our week on the Broads 15th to 22nd July (three storms but only the one on Sunday effected us) but we were sad to leave the Marina and the boat.


We took two new owners for training on Tuesday & Wednesday for the most of the day lunching at the Waters Edge (good as ever) and relaxed at Loddon, Readham Ferry, Beccles and Bramerton Green before returning to the marina on Monday afternoon in order to clean the boat.


We stayed on to meet the next owners on Tuesday who arrived at lunchtime, we needed to go over a few points, such as the best way to take down the canopy, and other procedures.


I had already repaired the aft bilge pump cables where one cable had corroded effecting the auto operation. I was just showing Tony the engine bay and reminding him of the daily checks and switch panel operation but found the aft bilge pump not working on the manual & auto circuits, it had tripped the breaker. After taking out the pump and checking it out the float switch was faulty but ended up changing the switch and the pump, yet another trip to Brian Ward's.


So far this week:-


Toilet pump

Large & small Fenders (holes in them that were not repairable)


Cupboard door catches

Fender clips

New CO2 cartridges and actuation valves for the auto life vests (inspect the use by date on your valves and renew if out of date, it is worth pumping up the vests by mouth prior to fitting the kits at £13-£14 well worth the money).

Bilge pump and float switch


Two owners near to us were watching, so I reminded them that if they did not have accounts at Brian Ward's by just joining the NBN and letting Tanya & Nick know they would get a 10% discount. 


There were a lot of boats on the Southern Broads this last week, there was a boat meet at Loddon this week with boats from Oulton Broad and Beccles attending and some from our Brundall Marina, We only managed to scrape into the staithe at Loddon.


Loads of hire boats from Alpha, Barnes Brinkcraft, Freedom, Herbert Woods, Maffett's, Pacific, Richardsons, Silverline, on the rivers ehich was nice to see.


We saw a few moments on the river with near misses mostly at Readham Village moorings. The currents there can catch out even experienced crews.


I can't see much point in the new signs at the bridges (even when they are fully working), they would have been better spending the money painting the bridges.


We have to now wait until the 2nd December to come down to the Broads for our next allocation but we will be down to Wroxham in November for our AGM, so may hire a day boat to go up to Coltershall.










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Hi Grace,

I would have to say no to seeing Alan (Jaws) and I did not any burgees on the river other than ours. Needless t say both Tan & I are almost suffering from RSI due to all of the waving, there were loads off children on the boats this week that had to be given additional waves.

One of the ice cream boats was doing a roaring trade, both on the rivers and in the marinas.

We had internet access in the marina due to the Wi-Fi system, but I had to use my phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot for the rest of the time and the signal as know can be poor at best.



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