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Berney arms pub


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Hello all,


Had our usual week on the broads two weeks ago, I had heard that the Berney Arms was reopening again,but needless to say when we moored up big closed notice on the front window.Does anybody what the situation is there. Been coming to the broads since 1973, and we always stopped off for a pint and some grub.


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As I mentioned on another thread I am very reluctant to be critical of pubs but I do wonder about the Berney.


It’s probably the remotest pub on the Broads together with a landowner who wants to squeeze every last drop of rent out of the place. The licence doesn’t allow them to open in winter even if there were any customers to justify it. So in season it should be open all day, every day. Suppose slack water at GY is mid afternoon? There will be a stream of boats coming through and the pub will be closed. Madness. In addition people will get fed up with the arbitrary opening hours and take their custom elsewhere. On top of that they only sell one beer, Wherry, so it’s hardly worth rushing in for anyway.


Sorry, but I’m not very impressed.

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Been in a few times over the last 2 weeks, found it friendly and the food good, and very happy to keep the kitchen open when asked after food times for a boat load of people.

Theres not many staff there and everything has to be collected not delivered so often staff down so bear with it.

Currently run by Joe with Mandy doing the food but I believe Mandy is taking it on herself next season with help from a relative, she is a very friendly character and I wish her the best with it.

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It's very hard work keeping a pub my grandparents did for quite a while. The ability to run the kitchen all day comes with the staff. If the landowner is trying to suck it dry before they can get it going properly then it's a loose-loose and they will never get those extra staff. The thing to do is turn up at the times they can manage and help them out from under. :)

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