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How it was and how it is.

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Been at the back of my mind for a year or two to locate the viewpoints of the various Oulton Broad postcards that I have.  Nice day, set off on my bike with just one card in mind and camera with what I thought would be the obvious lens to use. The equivalent of a 35mm on a 35mm 'film' camera, a moderate wide angle lens. The card that I have has a half-penny green on it, posted on August 14th @7 p.m. but no year on the post mark. Nevertheless, it's Edwardian, I think, & I suspect predates the fire at the Oulton Broad maltings which suggests, to me anyway, pre WWI. But did photographers have super wide angle lenses back then?  Ones with no apparent distortion? Obviously they did so you'll have to excuse my cropped 'how it is' shot. Interestingly the 'How it was' shot shows some smart, apparently new boat-sheds on the later to be Richardsons boatyard site.





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Hi Peter,

I think threads like this are very interesting.

Just to see what the older generations saw, and what us young ones now see from the same viewing spot.


I don't know if you have seen the "ghost photos" by Carol (adnams girl) but they are very interesting as well.


Here is the link (they start at page 9 ) with some before and after on this page 7

ghost photos



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Hi Geoff, I know of Carol's prodigious output, but thanks for reminding us all. What Carol has amassed over the last ten years or so is outstanding. Her collection is many thousands of images, mine is several hundred. I am sticking to Oulton Broad and the Waveney and whilst Carol is on her sabbatical thought I'd have a bash in my own small way.  

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The above shows the location of the Yacht Station at Oulton Broad. The boatshed on the left is still there, albeit rebuilt over the years. If you look over too the right you'll see the railway line that is there to this day. I suspect this picture was taken about 1900.


Today we see it more like this:



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How it was in about 1950. The houseboat in the foreground is 'Jester', a converted coal barge that was used to deliver fuel to the Lowestoft trawler fleet in the nearby Lake Lothing. The building to the left of centre was where the yacht Maidie was built over a hundred years ago.


How it is today:



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