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throttle cables

Guest Jonny

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Hi David :-D :-D :-D :-D

advice is needed yet again?

a couple of months ago with baught two 30ft throttle cables for Curlew. but when replacing the old ones we found out that the new ones are way too long and from judging where they run down the walk way to the helm i think is about 20ft give or take a foot.

also when trying to put her in gear when the engine is running you have to realy yank on the throttle realy hard to get it in gear even more to get it out of gear or into revers as David (Stranger) will tell you and its not hung up on anything

now my question is this.

could the cables be to long?

could it be todo with the throttle?

can you get the cables shortened by somebody?

anything else


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Despite the cables being too long that shouldn’t affect the operation provided the bend radius specified by the makers is adhered to; otherwise no 30foot cable would work. I suggest you check how free they are by disconnecting both ends and trying them for ease of movement.

After that check all the adjustments and throw are as per makers specification.

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cheers Jonny! Antares is right, but you will find the more bends you have in the cable the stiffer it will be, and an extra ten feet is a lot to loose, I don't know about the marine version, but I used to fit the Domestic version of it and they had a recommened maximum of four radiused bends, also the longer the cable the stiffer it will be, as Antares says try disconnecting them and try it, I'm pretty certain that you can't get them shortened though, I found this though, you could try this place prices arn't bad for new cables and if you ring them they could advise you as well... http://automarine.biz/morse/ Jonny just had another thought!! if you still have the old cable, about two feet from the helm end it should be marked with the length, or you could just measure it, but I bet you've chucked it away,, :-D

When routing the steering

cable, select a path with as few bends as possible and as gradual as




SHOULD BE AVOIDED, IF POSSIBLE. Sharp or frequent bends will

result in hard steering and premature cable wear.

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if you still have the old cable, about two feet from the helm end it should be marked with the length, or you could just measure it, but I bet you've chucked it away,, :-D

nope there long gone now.

we are coming down on Curlew this weekend for a week so going to get most of the work sorted hopefully

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the bends are too tight jonny deffo but the length dont help dont guess at the length either pull one back into the engine bay so its right at the helm then mark it off for the gears and for the throttle with an indellable marker pen so you know the correct length pull it ouit of the boat making sure you tie a strong string to the end to pull the right length back into place

also the helm needs rebuilding and making solid as the morse lever you have is a bit 10-1 as the hard movement has weakened the mounts


now theres a thought a 3 stage electric motor fwd-neutral-rev

sorry for the extra rough drawing lol


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  • 2 weeks later...

this is what happend after a couple of attempts while trying to sort the problem out

but now we have Graham from Maffett cruisers who is going to fit the side mounted throttle and two cable that are the right size for the boat.

we are also looking into them taking out all the windows out cleaning them up and resealing them.

anybody had this done ?



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Hi Johnny

Bit of a speacialist jobs having your windows done & ensuring they are resealed properly-Rob at Sutton Staithe brings a specailist in to do it to ensure they are water tight.Make sure you get a firm quote & guarantee whoever does the job-glad to hear you are getting your throttle cables sorted out at lat



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Just had a fone call from Grayham at Maffett

the throttle cables are in throttle is in and works fine. when he took her up river he noticed that for the amount of revs she was using there was hardly any performance. only when you open her fully there is a little response.

so when he took the boat back to the yard he had a look at what the problem could be now cause we have hydraulic drive ect he asked if we had a new hydraulic motor installed (Nope) did the previous owner (no mention of it). well from further inspection he found out somebody had put a 3to1 reduction gearbox on there so he said best to go with a bigger prop with a little more pitch to get the performance out of the little 1500 BMC. rather than £1100 on a new reduction thingy :| :|

so i was right about her not having the performance for the amount of revs :naughty::naughty:

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