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Information needed by a dinosaur

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What is a "Friend"?


I have had several people who have very kindly "become a friend", which is very nice.

Now I have heard of this concept on things like facebook, but I have no idea what it means, what it does or what further actions are required.

The last thing I wish to appear is unsociable on a social network, but as I have little or no understanding of what or how these things work I find myself in an albeit very pleasant, state of confusion.

For my part, I consider everyone on the forum as my friend unless they prove to be otherwise.

Finally, If I made someone my "Friend" and they replied that they thought me a feckless **** who'd be the first against the wall come the revolution, what happens then?

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I'm still bemused by the concept of "Friends" on Facebook Maurice.


It's never really appealed to me, (nor Twitter either), but an ever increasing number of companies and organisations have taken to putting some of their information on there.


This then often requires me to "log in" and have an access ID to even just view the public information.


I invented a ludicrous sounding fictitious first name and surname, and yet I receive a large number of facebook messages from "Friends" claiming to know me. :)

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Hi John,


I only go on facebook when I need to, the thought of going on there to accept all these friend requests because they are a third cousin of someone you met in the high street 30 years ago does not bode well!


Sorry friend but come the firing squad day, you are on your own :naughty:




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I thought I would use this thread since management thinks I am a dinosaur with computers.

I cannot seem to get the emmotions thingys to work, I suspect it may be my lappy at fault but any thoughts would be appreciated.

I see your query about friends John, it took me awhile to realise what that number in the profile was.

I don't do Facebook or Twitter, in fact this is the only forum I read and write to.

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Hi Keith,


If the problem with the emotions was when you clicked to open the emotions to see more options? I had the same issue today.


What operating system are you running and which browser are you using, explorer, google, firefox etc? 


If the emotions were greyed out then a fix is clicking on the switch symbol on the left.



I will run this by Jonzo to see if he has any idea what the problem is. :shocked


I have just tried the above and it ok now.




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